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The best apps for tracking international orders

When shopping online the need arises to track the order to know where it is. With this in mind, we selected the best apps to follow international orders, as well as the most useful sites.

For those who shop on sites like Gearbest and Aliexpress, or are waiting for orders sent by CCT Expresso, we indicate the highlights of the various applications, availability for Android and / or iOS, among other information.

CTT Correios: effective to follow national orders

CTT app for iOS and Android

The application of UK’s post offices, CTT, allows us to track orders and obtain a summary of them. It is possible to track delivery and follow international orders, as well as national shipments by CTT Expresso.

It is available for Android and iOS, also allowing to pay tolls online, providing the necessary data. Still, to do CTT Tracking is one of the best free options with shipping details and notices for the user.

From the CTT website it is also possible to follow national orders with periodic updates.

Download: Android and iOS

AfterShip: best app for tracking international orders

Aftership app

THE Aftership is the best solution for tracking bulk orders, especially for small merchants. The service accompanies about 750 carriers, providing the necessary information to follow an order.

In addition to being able to see where the order is at all times, it provides notifications for changes in the status of the order, with great visibility of the shipping status, customizable web platform to track orders on the big screen.

Download: Android and iOS

17Track: best app for Android

17Track app

17Track is a good app to follow an international order from your Android or iOS phone, competent in sending notifications for each movement. It is possible to track the order in 220 countries and geographic areas.

With an intuitive interface, the tracking service is also available for computers in the Web version, with good reviews, especially in the Google Play Store. Accompanies more than 500 carriers and 150 postal services.

Download: Android and iOS

Parcel: best app for iOS

Parcel - Delivery Tracking app iOS

THE Parcel is the best app for tracking international orders for iOS and MacOS mobile devices. The application automatically imports information from the email sent by the store like the tracking number, or order number.

In addition to supporting up to 300 carriers, from DHL, TNT, UPS and others, the highlight goes to notifications push that are sent to the user’s smartphone when subscribing to the version premium, indicated for recurring users.

Download: iOS and macOS

Parcels: good alternative for Android and iOS

Parcels App

The Parcels app allows you to track orders sent from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and more destinations, or online stores such as AliExpress, Banggood, GearBest, ASOS, among others. It is available for both platforms and is simple to use.

You can track shipments from any postal service, or post offices from several countries, in addition to tracking most of the parcel shipping companies. In addition, on the web platform we can also track and follow the order.

Download: Android and iOS

ParcelTrack: good option for Android and iOS

Parcel Track app

THE ParcelTrack is a good option for tracking orders from Android and iOS mobile devices, or from the computer in the Web version. The service sends notifications whenever there is a change in the order status.

Noteworthy is the real-time tracking in Europe for DPD, coverage and monitoring of more than 60 delivery services, with estimates and metrics for merchants, for example, who want to follow the delivery of several orders.

Download: Android and iOS

3 sites to follow international orders

Online ordering sequence and order delivery

1. GearTrack. To follow an order from Gearbest this is the best option, allowing you to track to UK. Simply enter the order number (s) in the respective field to have a summary of the status and location.

2. 17Track. It allows tracking up to 40 objects simultaneously, following several carriers and with a special focus on purchases made in China. It is an all-in-one solution that is also available for mobile devices.

3. Trackingmore. From the computer, it allows searching for objects, simply inserting the tracking numbers of orders. It is one of the most complete platforms, with notifications for the user and more than 702 carriers in the database.

Before you go, check out the best online shopping websites in UK, with great stores. For more information on the topic, see how to follow orders in the EBox guide, with more tips and solutions so you never miss an order.

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