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The Battle Royale of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ will arrive in less than 24 hours

Everything we know about Warzone

CoD League

The new battle royale game mode will finally arrive on March 10, and will allow you to participate in 150 players in the same map, being able to play individually, in pairs or in trios. Locked so far, the new mode will appear tomorrow, March 10 at 4:00 p.m. in UK according to the chronometer that has recently appeared in the main menu of the game.

With this release we could end once and for all to several weeks of speculation and leaks, which ensured that the game arrived on March 3, but for obvious reasons it will not be released to the public until the 10th.

A free game

Call of Duty Morden Warfare Duos

The most interesting news however will be that Warzone, as the mode is known (we do not know if it will have English translation as War Zone), will be a completely free mode that will allow players to play and link all platforms (PS4) , Xbox One and PC). This means that all those who have not bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare They can also play Warzone by downloading only the free game mode.

For now we do not know the advantages of having the full game against the free version, but for now it seems that those who spent the money in their day may play battle royale before anyone else, since the countdown will allow them to access Warzone before the mode is available to download separately. Rumors say that the free version will come hours later (about 3 hours later), although we will have to wait for official statements to get out of doubt.

Warzone’s biggest leak

In addition, today we have been able to see a leak of quite important information, since one of the people invited by Activision to test the mode and record content for the launch, has mistakenly posted the video on YouTube revealing many of the details that we will discover in the game.

Although the YouTuber has deleted the video as soon as it could, the network has been filled with replicas of it, so it is currently impossible to remove the trace of said material.

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Valheim is the new phenomenon of the gaming universe with over 500,000 players online!

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