Return to normality in China

The surreal “film” that we are all living right now in UK with the confinement in our houses was lived a few months ago by the inhabitants of China. In that country, where the coronavirus contagion originated and the consequent pandemic worldwide, the quarantine has been maintained for 56 long days, which have caused a gigantic break in many sectors, including, of course, the cinema.

We have already discussed it several times: one of the reasons that have more weight on why Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey failed at the box office It is undoubtedly the fact that it practically coincided with the closing of cinemas in China, one of the largest markets for the industry today.


Last week they started to return to normal in the country. Some shopping malls, restaurants and also cinemas began to open their doors at restricted times experimental, point at The Hollywood Reporter. Now that everything is “restructured”, the film industry has two very clear objectives ahead: on the one hand, to make the population feel safe to go back to such crowded places (suspicion continues); for another; to convince to distributors that there are enough customers and demand to resume movie marketing.

Avengers, Avatar and more from re-release

And how can we get the people of China to go to the cinema en masse again? Well, “asking the superheroes for help,” of course. The Avengers have an overwhelming success in Asia, so it has been decided that the four films of the Avengers, that were so successful in their respective premieres in that market, to be relaunched in the Asian theaters in order to attract the public and generate great attendance.

They will not be the only films to reappear on theaters. Those responsible for the sector have also decided to go back to the screen with other very blockbuster titles such as Avatar, James Cameron Inception and Interstellar (these last two from director Christopher Nolan).


Actually the industry have experience in this reruns. In 2012, the new 3D version of Titanic generated $ 145 million. In 2018, the 2001 classic by Japanese anime master Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away, earned $ 69 million despite also being a relaunch.

Therefore, the idea of ​​betting on these famous films could be a real balm for this damaged sector, in which other additional measures will also be applied (several agreements have already been established with the distributors and the profits generated) to try to float as soon as possible. There is no other choice but to look forward with optimism and have your head already in the Recovery after the coronavirus.