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The Amazfit Neo is a retro smartwatch that costs less than 40 euros

Amazfit Neo, retro at a bargain price

Amazfit Neo

Just take a quick look at the Amazfit Neo to verify that we are facing a rather peculiar model. At first, it could pass itself off as a watch with an LCD screen similar to that of any CASIO around the house, but make no mistake. You are looking at a smart watch capable of measuring values ​​such as heart rate or quality of sleep.

Its main asset is autonomy, since thanks to the low consumption of the LCD screen, this Neo promises up to 28 days of daily use, and can reach 37 days if we use the low consumption mode. The figure is spectacular although it has a certain trick, since in addition to the technology of the screen, the clock lacks GPS connection, so consumption is greatly reduced while doing sports activities.

Simple notifications

Amazfit Neo

Since its screen does not allow too many flourishes, the manufacturer has designed a notification area by icons, in which we will see certain drawings that will indicate what the notification is about. We can receive alerts for calls, text messages or know the function that is being activated at that moment, such as the heart rate reading (which can be constant throughout the day) or the summary of results of the PAI system that it offers the manufacturer.

Who is this watch for?

The device has very clear intentions, and it is that it wants to offer the greatest possible autonomy in an extremely simple but functional product. With a weight of 32 grams, it will be an extremely comfortable watch to wear, and with its 5 atmospheres water resistance, there will be no need to worry when taking a dip.

An unbeatable price

But in addition to all that, if there is something that will determine the purchase of the Amazfit Neo, it will be its price. The watch will hit stores next October 1st with a label of 40 dollars, which reduces to the minimum any type of offer possible for a quality smartwatch. Knowing the trajectory of Amazfit, we cannot think of another smartwatch at that price that was not a smart bracelet as such.

The exact date on which the Amazfit catalog will arrive in UK has yet to be confirmed, but we will remain vigilant so as not to lose track of it, as it could be a model to consider for those who want a stylish and functional smartwatch.

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