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The 8K is here: this is Samsung’s new TV for 2020

8K TVs are here to stay

On the occasion of next olympic games that will be celebrated this 2020 in Tokyo, many manufacturers are putting all the meat on the grill to sell their TVs with 8K resolution since this sporting event will be broadcast in that resolution.

The union of these milestones and the capabilities of their new smartphones have prompted that, in the Forum 2020, Samsung presents two televisions with 8K resolution that, I advance you, are really incredible when you see them in forgiveness.

QLED 950TS and Q800T, the 8K flagships

The first of the models to introduce you is the Samsung QLED 950TS, the largest of the two televisions with 8K resolution and will be available on 65, 75 and 85 inches. A spectacular TV at the level of representation of colors, contrast and vividness in the images, and that in an event of this type you can not fully appreciate all the capabilities (and limitations) of this type of equipment. The other striking and prominent point is its design, with a panel that reaches the 99% utilization of the front, leaving almost insignificant frames and that reduces its thickness up to 15 mm.

The other proposal of the Korean house is TV Samsung QLED Q800T, «younger» brother of the 950TS, which also includes a panel with 8K resolution and is offered in sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches. Of course, this panel looks equally spectacular – at least in this first contact – playing multimedia content.

Two panels with a good finish and sound and image quality but, What are the differences between the two? Well, there are mainly two:

  • OneConnect module availability: which is the device where Samsung gathers all the connections of its televisions and is present only in the QLED 950TS.
  • Design: precisely the presence of OneConnect allows to reduce the thickness of the panels. In this way, the QLED 950TS boasts the aforementioned 15 mm, while in the Q800T both its thickness and the use of the front do not reach the characteristics of the upper model.

For the rest, these two panels have the same technologies, features that Samsung has prepared for this year and what I want to talk about now:

  • Multi-view: Perhaps the technology that most caught my attention, due to its social involvement. It is a feature that allows us show the screen of the phone or the video game console next to what we are currently playing on the TV. In addition, we can adapt the interface to our taste and need, being able to move and place that second screen in different positions and sizes. The same is not a groundbreaking feature, but it can be useful.

  • Tap View: bringing the phone to the TV we can make a connection between both devices to easily display the contents of the smartphone on the big screen.
  • Adaptative Picture: analyzes the ambient light conditions and the content itself that is being played in order to rescale and adapt that content to the best image quality, regardless of where the television is located.

  • Objecting Tracking Sound + (OTS +): recreates a three-dimensional sound effect without accessories and greatly improves the experience, giving a more immersive feeling.
  • Active Voice Amplifier: The TV will detect ambient noise and regulate the volume and clarity of the content that we are playing on it automatically.
  • Q-Symphony: next to a sound bar, the TV will keep its own speakers active to offer a better sound experience.

  • Greater reach in virtual assistance: In addition to your own virtual assistant, Bixby, Samsung’s next televisions will include the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa assistants, adapting the TV to the user’s needs and not vice versa.

Beyond names with a lot of marketing type Q-Symphony or Voice Amplifier, among others, the idea of Samsung is taking advantage of all those algorithms and techniques that allow to adapt the sound for a better experience. He achieves it? It is difficult to answer since in these demos it is not possible to appreciate well – although it is true that they sound and they look quite good -, but until a thorough analysis it would be too risky to say one or another thing.

The Serif and The Sero, Samsung’s most special TVs

In addition to 8K TVs, Samsung also took advantage of the event to present other 4K models and new versions of his model The Serif, an ideal television for those who like a “different” and unique design. However, what I consider to be the other great presentation is The Sero

This is a very particular proposal by Samsung that, thanks to a mobile stand, You can rotate the screen 90 degrees to fit the content which is being displayed on a smartphone. Yes, as «simple» and director as it sounds: if you play a video vertically, the panel will rotate and take advantage of the entire TV screen.

8K resolution, is it too soon?

As you see Samsung has focused all its interest in the 8K not only with its new terminals, but also with its televisions, something that does not cease to be relevant if we take into account, as I already mentioned the beginning of this article, the next celebration of the Olympic Games that will also be broadcast in 8K.

My personal opinion is that maybe it is a technology that, for the moment, is out of reach of the average user both for the purchase price of a television with that resolution and, of course, for finding content of this quality.

Anyway, it is exciting to see how technology evolves and discover the new proposals that manufacturers are already preparing to become the standard of our televisions of the near future.

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