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The 8 most used browsers in the world

The 8 most used browsers in the world

They are the most popular and most used browsers in the world in this Top 8. We still have the best suggestions for those looking for a new browser in 2019 based on speed, security and availability for computers and mobile devices.

By browser is meant the program that allows us to surf the Internet and find what we want, so we are also called web browsers.

Position Browser Share (%)
1st Google Chrome 63.72%
2nd Safari 16.34%
3rd Mozilla Firefox 4.45%
4th Samsung internet 3.34%
5th UC Browser 3.15%
6th Opera 2.5%
7th Internet explorer 2.15%
8th Edge 2.15%

1. Google Chrome is the most versatile and popularChrome

Google Chrome comes installed on Android mobile devices and is really a great choice for smartphones, tablets and computers, being the most popular.

It is compatible with all platforms and devices and is an intuitive solution where we can search from the address bar.

We also like the simplicity of the interface, with the necessary elements, but without unnecessary noise. Also press for synchronization between supported devices.

We don't like the size of system files, or the tendency to use more resources like RAM than other browsers.

? Platform and device compatibility of the ecosystem
? Auto sync via Google account
? Simplicity and familiarity of the entire UI
? Search through address bar
ErsComputer version is not as fast as mobile version
❌Trend to consume enough system resources

Through the benchmark Basemark, Google Chrome for Android scored the highest, with 369.39 points average of 3 tests, with no other apps or tabs open. It is the most used browser with 63.72% of the market.

Download Google Chrome

2. Safari is the best for the Apple ecosystemSafari

Safari is the best browser for Mac computers and iOS mobile devices. This is a solution developed by Apple specifically for their machines and this is noteworthy.

It is the fastest browser to open pages on macOS devices, with the reading list and intuitive bookmarks, even though you can't customize your toolbar.

It is already installed on Apple mobile devices with iPhone and iPad, as well as on MacOS computers. Something that makes it one of the most used browsers today.

?Concept from scratch for Apple devices
?Browser very quick to open pages, either on macOS or iOS
?Intuitive, simple to use and practical
❌Little customizable at toolbar level
❌You can use Siri in Safari for iOS, not for macOS

With macOS Catalina has become even more secure, just like on iOS 13 for mobile devices. With 396.05 points at Basemark is the best choice for the Apple ecosystem. It is the second most used browser with 16.34% market share.

Safari Download

3. Mozilla Firefox is the fastest browserMozilla

Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest browsers of 2019, and stands out for effectively blocking malware. It also has a privacy-focused browsing mode.

The browser is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, maintaining speed and protection capabilities on all platforms.

It can also sync passwords, bookmarks, and search history across devices. It is a stable, fast and secure solution with an intuitive and pragmatic UI.

RápidaFast web browsing
? Able to effectively block Malware
PrivadaPrivate Navigation Mode + Monitoring Protection
❌Displays (some) homepage advertising
❌It's not easy to find the markers

We don't like the advertising displayed when opening the browser and we question some of your UI choices. In the Basemark test, Firefox for Android got 240.14 points. It is the third most used browser in 2019, with 4.45% share.

Firefox download

4. Samsung InternetSamsung

The standard browser on Samsung mobile devices hides a lot of trump cards as a great download manager, and is quite fast with a simple and useful UI.

Only available for Android smartphones and tablets, but it is still one of the most widely used in 2019 given the popularity of Samsung devices.

It has quick access icons for history, open new tabs, bookmarks, and a desktop version. It is really complete and quite customizable.

InteligenteIntelligent anti-monitoring mode
?Good control over privacy and security
Great transfer manager
?Relatively fast, very complete and versatile
?Fast and very optimized for mobile
❌Only available for Android mobile devices

Samsung Internet got 368.87 points at Basemark, proving its effectiveness and speed on mobile devices. It's a good mobile alternative to Google Chrome. It is the fourth most used browser in 2019 with 3.34% market share.

Samsung Internet Download

5. UC Browser, to be avoided!UC

Created by UCWeb, a company owned by giant Alibaba, UC Browser is an extremely popular browser, but we can only recommend removing it from your mobile device. The browser was used as a port to integrate malware into devices.

The case was exposed by Reuters and shortly after, Google removed this app from its Play Store. Still, it is still on the list of most used browsers of 2019, still very popular in Asian regions.

The details and reasons for removing UC Browser from your device were given at EBox.

6. Opera is VPN browser includedOpera

There is something familiar about Opera, especially in the desktop version, as it shares many traits with Chrome. However, it adds a useful sidebar.

Finding bookmarks is very easy and we can even hide this bar by choosing traditional menus. As a whole, Opera is recommended and very complete.

We highlight the included VPN, or the overall good browser speed. We also have a blocker of advertising and unrecognized sites, mobile and desktop.

?Address bar can be used to do searches
LateralSidebar for organizing bookmarks / bookmarks, etc.
?VPN included and mobile optimized versions
❌There are faster browsers
❌It's innovative but can be confusing for some users

The most popular version of Opera for Android had 346.22 points Basemark, falling short of other mobile options. It is the fifth most widely used browser in 2019 with 2.5% market share.

Opera Download

7. Edge through the Microsoft ecosystemEdege IE

It has replaced Internet Explorer and has a lot of potential. The 'new' Edge ', based on Chromium, is still under development, but can now be tested in beta. Interestingly, it has the same market share as Internet Explorer.

The browser can be used on all platforms, from Windows to macOS, has frequent updates. For mobile, the current version for Android is really fast. The new version, under construction, is already based on Chromium.

It has a familiar UI to any Windows user, private mode (InPrivate), several customization options and the possibility to sync with Microsoft account.

?Already installed on Windows computers
FamiliarI'm familiar and quite intuitive, though somewhat saturated
?Computer version is being rebuilt
MobileMobile version is fast, familiar and with many options
❌There is, for now, no equivalence between both versions

The Edge version for Android had 340.52 points at Basemark. It is an alternative to consider for those who prefer the design of the Windows ecosystem. It is the sixth most widely used browser in 2019 with 2.15% market share.

Edge Download

8th. Internet Explorer still lives!

Present on older Windows computers, this discontinued browser still has a considerable market share. Although this has been decreasing, it is now equated to the "new IE", with 2.15% market share.

Internet Explorer version 11 is one of the most popular and we believe it will continue to be present on older computers. However, it will gradually become obsolete.

DuckDuckGo for more online privacyDDG

The anti-Google search engine focuses on user privacy, ensuring that it does not collect data from the user. For those looking for the most secure browser, this is an option to consider.

It is available for Android and iOS, simplifying internet browsing and protecting user data. We also have DDG extensions for Windows and Mac computers.

This browser guarantees encrypted links (HTTPS) and even goes so far as to rate each site we want to visit based on “hunger” for our data.

? Guarantees online data protection and privacy
?Simple to use by simply installing on mobile devices
?Has extensions with the same effect for Chrome and Firefox
❌Not available as a browser for Windows or Mac

With 363.89 points at Basemark, it's a fast browser for Android. For those looking for maximum protection with the least effort, DDG is the browser solution for mobile, or extensions.

DuckDuck Go Download

Brave for a new advertising systemBrave

The Brave web browser aims to keep the user safe from trackers, as well as block all advertisements by default, which makes it extremely fast.

Not to deprive sites of this monetization completely, Brave has a token system, the Brave Rewards that you can assign to site owners.

It is available on all platforms, from Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, being less technical than DuckDuckGo and therefore more recommended to the average user.

?One of the fastest browsers of 2019
?Automatically blocks all advertisements
Intuitive interface with various control and customization options
?Available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
?You want to create a new privacy-friendly advertising platform

Brave obtained a total of 354.83 points Basemark and the range of capabilities is a highly recommended alternative, especially for ensuring privacy and the ability to reward "good" sites.

Brave Download

Vivaldi for the greatest customizationVivaldi

The Vivaldi browser is unique. Once we install it and open it for the first time, we are invited to customize the homepage with cards for our favorite sites.

This means that the user always has at his or her disposal, when opening the browser, a quick access to what they usually see, or defined as being preferred.

Customization goes further by choosing the location for the address bar, open tabs, bookmarks, even though not all of these are available in the mobile version.

?The greatest customization of UI elements
?Configurable on many levels for a unique experience
PrivadoPrivate mode where DuckDuckGo is the search engine used
❌Available for Windows and Mac but with mobile version still in Beta

If customization is the priority, Vivaldi is the solution, with 371.1 points at Basemark. It is also worth noting that the Android version is still in beta, but already a viable option.

Vivaldi Download

Tor for security and online anonymityTOR

For those who need the most privacy and security online, the Tor browser is the best option. Through three layers of encryption, the guarantee of online anonymity is strong.

User data is thus protected and circulated by three servers around the world, confusing any online tracker.

It is important to note that navigation through Tor is not fast. Accessing websites takes considerably longer than through another browser due to security layers.

MaiorThe biggest guarantees online security and anonymity
?Multiple encryption layers and standalone servers
?Available for Windows, Mac, and Android
❌Slower Tor network browsing

The priority of the browser is to ensure user anonymity and at this point is the best option on this list. On the other hand, it is not suitable for those who want a fast navigation.

Tor Download

The writing of this article was attended by Statcounter and Basemark. See also the most used social networks in 2019 in UK.

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