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The 18 best Philips smart bulbs and lights

The smart light bulbs It is something that every time, it is more common to see in our houses. Lights that can be operated with our smartphone and via voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant.

One of the largest manufacturers of smart luminaires is Philips, with a huge catalog full of possibilities to choose from. And, because of that amount of articles, today I want to show you the 18 best options that you can find within their products to domesticate the lights of your home.

Choose the best Philips smart bulb

Smart luminaires are home automation gadgets that allow us to have a more comfortable, comfortable and saving house. A set of benefits that I already showed you in another article in which I explained what a home automation house was, and why you should domotize your home.

But, as I said at the beginning, the manufacturer Philips has a lot of different items in its catalog of light bulbs. Indoor or outdoor lights, ceiling or floor lamps. Many possibilities to consider and of which I now show you your best options.

Smart indoor bulbs

Starting with the more basic light bulbsThere are different alternatives whose main difference is the type of thread that will vary between E27, E14 and GU10, which are the most common. With these bulbs, in addition to being able to control the on and off, we can change the color temperature between cold and warm tones.

Entering the group of basic bulbs, we can also find some that add the possibility of switching between different colors because they are RGB lights. For the rest, the control characteristics are the same as those I have already shown you.

One of the latest additions to the Philips lighting catalog are the filament bulbs, that recover that vintage style that had the lights of some years ago but being LED lights, and with the possibility of varying their intensity and controlling whether they are active or not.

Another alternative that we will have when choosing smart lights are those of type “focus”. This kind of light bulbs allow us to create environments in different locations such as the living room, the bedroom or, why not, your own work area as we already show you in this video of our YouTube channel.

Below I show you different designs of this type of lights and whose main difference is the light power they offer.

A derivative of the above are the lamps that I show you below. As a differential point, they have a different or curious design so that they not only illuminate the room where they are, but can also serve as decorative element.

Of course, not everything is spotlights and lights with striking designs, Philips also has more conventional luminaires that we can place on the roof of the different rooms of our house and that go completely unnoticed. Here I show you three options whose differences are: design, light power and one of them is RGB.

Smart outdoor light bulbs

Given the different options that you can have when choosing an intelligent luminaire for the interior of your home, you have to know some options outside it. As you can imagine, in addition to the typical characteristics that have this type of lights, the bulbs that we place outside have to have certain aspects that allow them to withstand the weather conditions to which they can be exposed.

Next, I leave some of the best options that Philips has in its catalog.

The indispensable accessory for Philips bulbs

In the catalog of the brand there is also a very important element that will allow you to control several groups of bulbs with greater ease, and even allow us to access them remotely without needing to be at home. Its about Philips Hue Connection Bridge, a bridge that is responsible for communicating the light bulbs with the different assistants through our router. It is a basic inside a domotized house.

With the catalog exposed almost completely, now you only have to see and study which bulb or lamp is the one that best meets your needs. Remember that the Philips platform is compatible with both Alexa, Google Asistant and Siri, so you can control them remotely without problems as long as you have a Bridge at home.

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