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The 15 best PC keyboards to buy in 2020

When buying a good PC keyboard, we are investing not only in productivity, but also in the quality and comfort of work, or play. With that in mind we have listed the best keyboards today so you can make a good purchase!

Then you will find the main highlights of the best computer keyboards grouped by type – professional, portable, general work and gaming keyboard. Everything so that you can find the perfect keyboard for your intended use.

1. Logitech Craft

Logitech keyboard in gray
Logitech’s Craft is the best keyboard for creative work.

Type: Professional keyboard
Link: USB | Bluetooth
Price: since € 149 on Amazon.ES

THE Craft from Logitech is the best buy for creative work thanks to the rotating cursor, especially useful in editing software such as Photoshop, Premiere, or Adobe Illustrator. For work is the best PC keyboard you can buy.

It has smart backlit keys, a slightly concave surface for more natural and precise typing. It is a complete, wireless, professional keyboard with a stable, solid construction and aluminum elements for greater durability.

2. Corsair K83 Wireless

Corsair silver keyboard
The Corsair K83 Wireless is great for controlling multimedia content.

Type: Professional keyboard
Link: USB-C | Bluetooth
Price: since € 119 on Amazon.ES

The Corsair PC keyboard, the K83 Wireless is excellent for controlling the playback of multimedia content thanks to its joystick, as well as the touch sensitive area. It is one of the most versatile keyboards for Windows PC, or smart TV.

It is a keyboard built in aluminum, with backlight, touch sensitive area and completely wireless, with Bluetooth connection and USB adapter. It has several navigation shortcuts and triggers at the bottom, for games and more.

3. Logitech MX Keys

Logitech keyboard in gray
MX Keys is one of the best keyboards to write, comfortable and complete.

Type: Professional keyboard
Link: USB-C | Bluetooth
Price: since € 115 on Amazon.ES

The best Bluetooth keyboard to write on the PC is the MX Keys from Logitech, with well-spaced keys and a concave surface, as well as backlight. It allows natural and fast writing, with elegant design and solid aluminum construction.

The wireless keyboard can be used on multiple computers thanks to Flow and Control, great for copying and pasting between different devices. It has several navigation shortcuts, great autonomy, low consumption and intelligent lighting of the keys.

4. Logitech Ergo K860

gray Logitech keyboard
The Logitech Ergo K860 keyboard has great support for wrists.

Type: Ergonomic keyboard
Link: USB-C | Bluetooth
Price: since € 124 on Amazon.ES

THE Ergo K860 from Logitech is an ergonomically shaped PC keyboard with great wrist rest and modern design. The construction is durable, with good materials and a quiet but precise typing, ideal for working and writing on the PC.

For those looking for a wireless keyboard to work long hours on the computer, this is the best purchase. The keyboard is silent, connects to Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, Linux and other devices via USB, or Bluetooth.

5. Logitech K780

Logitech keyboard in gray
The Logitech K780 keyboard has a support for mobile phones or tablets.

Type: Portable keyboard
Link: USB-C | Bluetooth
Price: since € 110 on Amazon.ES

Logitech’s portable keyboard, the K780 has a convenient tab that can work as stand, or support for mobile devices like mobile phones and / or tablets. To this is added the possibility of connecting this keyboard to up to three devices with the Easy-Switch.

For those looking for a small, wireless keyboard ideal for working on a tablet or mobile phone, this is the best option. The construction is solid, but light, with good separation of the keys, concave surface and a quiet keystroke with a modern design.

6. Logitech K480

Logitech keyboard in gray
The small keyboard from Logitech is an excellent portable option.

Type: Portable keyboard
Link: Bluetooth
Price: since € 51 on Amazon.ES

Logitech K480 is a wireless keyboard perfect for working outside the home and connecting to your Android phone, iOS, or tablet that we can fit into the top slot. It has a modern design and profile, with quiet and well spaced keys.

The highlight is the possibility to quickly switch between up to three devices connected via Bluetooth by rotating the dedicated cursor. In addition, we have navigation shortcuts for Windows and Mac, in addition to good battery life.

7. AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Aukey RGB mechanical gaming keyboard
AUKEY’s mechanical keyboard is cheap and good.

Type: Gaming keyboard
Link: USB
Price: since € 45 on Amazon.ES

THE AUKEY specializes in accessories and peripherals with excellent price / quality ratio and this mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight is an excellent example. Uses switches or blue switches and has a total of 105 keys.

It has 6 lighting effects, 105 keys with anti-ghosting, is made of metal (surface) and has a waterproof finish for greater durability. It is one of the best gaming keyboards you can buy, being really cheap and good.

8. Razer BlackWidow 2019

Razer keyboard
The razer keyboard is one of the best to play on the PC.

Type: Gaming keyboard
Link: USB
Price: since € 116 on Amazon.ES

The Razer keyboard BlackWidow 2019, with green switches gives you the optimum control and low response time you need in the most demanding games. The construction of the gaming keyboard is solid, with the metal providing greater stability and durability.

For those looking for one of the best gaming keyboards, this Razer has protection against dust and liquids, as well as RGB lighting, several customizable key profiles. BlackWidow 2019 features three options for storing the PC connection cable.

9. Razer Ornata Chroma V2

Colorful Razer Keyboard
The 2nd version of the Razer Ornata is one of the best gaming keyboards.

Type: Gaming keyboard
Link: USB
Price: since € 109 on Amazon.ES

THE Ornata Chroma V2 is one of the cheapest hybrid membrane keyboards from Razer, being one of the best for gaming. Typing is quieter, but with a well-defined feel and low response time, perfect for playing or working.

RGB lighting is very present, as well as a good wrist rest and a multifunction digital wheel for more practical control of the gaming keyboard. We also highlight the fully programmable keys for macros on this PC keyboard.

10. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Keyboard
The Razer Cynosa keyboard is available in several versions.

Type: Gaming keyboard
Link: USB
Price: since € 59 on Amazon.ES

Razer has the Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboard with the best price / quality ratio, and it is also available in Lite and Cynosa V2 versions, all with a membrane. Has rollover 10 keys, RGB lighting, plus good build quality.

We highlight the fully programmable keys, allowing you to record commands and macros for further customization. To this is added the resistance to accidental splashes and spills, something that will also extend the life of this Razer gaming keyboard.

11. Logitech K380

Logitech keyboard in gray
The Logitech K380 keyboard is also available in pink and white.

Type: Portable keyboard
Link: Bluetooth
Price: since € 39 on Amazon.ES

THE K380 from Logitech is a small keyboard, ideal for traveling, or working outside the home connected to the PC via Bluetooth, or another mobile device. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS, maximizing its versatility.

It can be paired with up to three devices via Bleutooth, with modern design and well-spaced keys with a rounded shape and smooth typing. It has two AAA batteries already installed, being very light and easy to transport.

12. Logitech MK470

Logitech keyboard and mouse
Logitech’s MK470 keyboard and mouse are ideal for traveling.

Type: Keyboard + portable mouse
Link: USB-C | Bluetooth
Price: since € 49 on Amazon.ES

The kit MK470 from Logitech joins keyboard and mouse with USB and Bluetooth connection, in addition to a compact, light and easy to carry format to work anywhere. The keys are quiet and the mouse has a low profile, both with a modern design.

The keys have a low profile, providing a quiet and comfortable keystroke, indicated to work silently. The autonomy of the keyboard and mouse is long lasting with both products being easily transported.

13. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3050

Microsoft keyboard and mouse
The Wireless Desktop 3050 kit from Microsoft has a built-in keyboard and mouse.

Type: Keyboard + portable mouse
Link: Wireless
Price: since € 47 on Amazon.ES

The mouse and keyboard Desktop 3050 from Microsoft are a good work kit, both products being wireless. The mouse has BlueTrack technology, working on almost all surfaces, while the keyboard has a resting pulse.

This set is ideal for working comfortably, with the mouse having an ergonomic shape and the keyboard being discreet and silent. In addition, it is equipped with direct navigation keys and controls the playback of multimedia content.

14. Logitech MK270

Logitech keyboard and mouse
The MK270 keyboard and mouse kit from Logitech is a cheap and good option.

Type: Keyboard + portable mouse
Link: Wireless
Price: since € 27 on Amazon.ES

The Logitech kit MK270 it has a portable mouse and keyboard, especially lightweight for easy transport and wireless connection to the computer. It has direct access keys to various PC functions and long autonomy in both products.

It is a complete keyboard, with a numerical section, while the mouse is especially compact and light, ideal for connecting to the PC, or working outside the home. The price / quality ratio of this bundle is its biggest highlight.

15. Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600

Microsoft Keyboard
Microsoft’s full keyboard is cheap and good.

Type: Simple keyboard
Link: USB
Price: since € 15 on Amazon.ES

Microsoft has Wired Keyboard 600 a complete, cheap and good keyboard, ideal for working at home and writing comfortably. The keys have a low profile, are relatively quiet and allow fluid writing.

The PC keyboard has shortcuts dedicated to various multimedia playback control functions, as well as direct access keys to various options. For those looking for a cheap and good keyboard, quiet and comfortable, this is the best buy.

Before you go, find the best mice for work, or if you prefer, check out the best gaming mice. To play we also recommend the list of the best gaming keyboards, with suggestions for various budgets.

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