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The 10 best smartwatch of 2020

Those looking for an accessory capable of recording and tracking physical activities, have the best smartwatches for sport and general use, with smart accessories to buy and have on their wrist. Then you’ll find the best smartwatch for you!

You have clocks with different operating systems and different functions, suitable for the most varied users. From the most comprehensive to the most specific, we highlight the features that make them the best smartwatch of 2020.

1. Apple Watch Series 6: the best smartwatch for iOS

Apple Watch Series 6

The latest version of Apple’s smart watch maintains the look of the previous generation, except for minor modifications. It stands out for keeping the screen always on, if the user wishes, optimized battery and autonomy for up to 18 hours of use.

It has new material options, with recycled aluminum or titanium in addition to the Product RED version and several new bracelets in different materials. We also have the inclusion of the oximeter, the new sensor for measuring the oxygen index in the blood.

The operating system, watchOS has considerably improved the user experience, being the best option for those who already have an iPhone. It has a deep integration with the Apple ecosystem and several customization options.

It is currently the iPhone compatible smartwatch and optimized for this. It is the choice of choice thanks to its design accepted to fit almost any situation. It is available in 40 and 44 mm boxes.

?Function Always-on (always on)
?Compass and Apple Pay integration
?Performance, ecosystem and ease of use

Price: from € 439 at the Apple store

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: the best smartwatch for Android

The Samsung smartwatch is available in various shades and combinations.

It has a circular screen, simple and innovative design with a rotating, digital crown. It is comfortable to use and is well built. Specializes in fitness and includes features such as arterial pulse monitoring, ECG and is water resistant.

Battery life can reach 2 days, which puts you ahead of the competition. It is available in two sizes, 40 and 44 mm, with several customization options for bracelets and construction materials, in addition to a Super AMOLED screen.

Watch Active2 is fast and easy to use, but the system Tizen few third-party apps, something that can limit its potential. Still, we have good specifications and a wide range of support for physical and sports activities.

It is most likely the most feminine smartwatch, or the one with a more careful design.

?Lightweight, elegant design and wide range of colors
?Intuitive and easy to control
?Quality of construction and materials
?Digital rotating crown for navigation
?2-day battery life
❌Few third-party apps

Price: from € 275 on AMAZON.ES

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch3: alternative compatible with Android and iOS

Samsung Galaxy Watch3
The Samsung watch is available in black, white and bronze.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 smartwatch has replaced the previous Gear S models with a very modern and capable watch. Equipped with the operating system Tizen Wearable OS 5.5 makes the equipment intuitive and compatible with Android and iOS.

The 45 mm battery lasts for about 4 days and the 41 mm battery lasts for 3 days. The processor is Dual-core 1.15GHz Samsung Exynos 9110 and there are versions with 1 GB RAM (4G) and 768 MB RAM (Bluetooth). The 8 GB of internal memory can store music from Spotify, among other applications.

It is the best smart watch from Samsung, particularly suitable for those looking for a tracker sports activities.

? Battery life
?Sport design and good construction for the sector
?Bezel rotating, allows greater ease of use
?Great for sports activities (up to 39)
❌Few third-party apps on the Tizen system
EmNo use in Bixby virtual assistant

Price: from € 394 on AMAZON.ES

4. Amazfit Stratos 3: the best price / quality smartwatch is from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi smartwatch is only available in black.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is also well represented in smartwatches with Amazfit. Although it may look like a non-sports smartwatch, it includes all the features of a smartwatch fitness.

In addition to the various fitness features, the watch is comfortable and has a screen protected by Gorilla Glass. It also monitors sleep, tracks your heartbeat and even has GPS. A good smartwatch at an affordable price.

Its design is already something more masculine, or at least, more aimed at large wrists. Take the opportunity to read our full review of the Xiaomi smartwatch, the best for sport at a competitive price!

?Great price / quality ratio
?Style and sporty design of the watch
? Physical activity monitoring functions
❌UI needs to be improved

Price: from € 176 on Amazon.ES

5. Apple Watch SE: smartwatch with good price / quality ratio

Apple Watch SE Product RED
Watch SE is available in two sizes and with multiple straps.

Apple presents this model as a stylish smartwatch with the best price / quality ratio. It surprises with its bright and colorful screen and the design, with several color schemes. THE great highlight goes to the affordable price of the smartwatch.

The autonomy, up to 18 hours of varied use, is not particularly excellent, but perfect synchronization with the iPhone and other iOS devices is a big bonus. In addition, it can be configured through Family Setup, for children and / or parents.

The Apple smart watch has everything we really need, even a Retina display, advanced sensors and great tracking of the user’s physical activity. It is very complete, simple to use and quite durable.

? Screen quality
GeralGeneral clock design
? Wide range of apps and functions
❌ Battery life

Price: since 30€ 9 at the Apple store.

6. Huawei Watch GT 2 Sport: more robust sports watch

Huawei Watch GT2 Sport
The Watch GT2 Sport is available with a black and orange strap.

Huawei presented the second model of its smartwatch with the operating system, or its own mobile platform. The Huawei Watch GT2 comes packed with features, but stands out above all for its robustness and sporty aspect.

The design of the watch is appealing to athletes, being available in two sizes or versions. The 46 mm box version has a 1.39 inch (454 x 454 pixel) circular screen and a 455 mAh battery.

The 42 mm box version has a 1.2 inch screen (390 x 390 pixels), with a 215 mAh battery. In both cases the autonomy is extended, easily exceeding the 2 days of general use in both versions.

EleganteStylish construction
❌No 4G version (connection to mobile networks)

Price: from € 144 € on AMAZON.ES

7. Ticwatch Pro: smartwatch with great autonomy

The Tiwatch smart watch is available in various colors and combinations.

The Ticwatch Pro from Mobvoi is a smartwatch for anyone who wants a watch that gives a little bit of everything. Equipped with the Wear OS operating system, it offers several fitness apps and more. The design of the watch was designed for everyday use, not just in the gym.

One of the great advantages of Ticwatch Pro is its battery that can last up to 30 days. The watch has Essential mode that turns off all the features of the smartwatch to extend the range as long as possible.

With all its features, the watch has a 2-day autonomy. It is worth mentioning that there is the 4G LTE variant, a little more expensive, but already independent of the mobile phone.

?Technology and screen quality
Premium Premium design and good construction
❌ Limited applications
❌No SIM card (smartphone dependent) / ? Version with 4G LTE connection (independent.

Price: from 299 on AMAZON.ES

8. Fitbit Versa 2: the best sports watch

The Versa 2 smartwatch is available in pink, silver, black and various combinations.

Fitbit Versa 2 is a good alternative to the Ionic model. It is a very comfortable, lightweight smartwatch that adapts very well to the wrist. It is a good watch to monitor different physical exercises with an accurate calculation of heart rate and calories burned. However, Fitbit Versa does not have GPS and you have to use your mobile phone to record the route of the races.

The Fitbit Versa battery life is above average and lasts 3 to 4 days. This watch is proof that sometimes less is more, by focusing on the essential functions of a good fitness tracker, role that it performs in an exemplary way.

The smartwatch has its own operating system that is compatible with Android and iOS. There are 2.5 GB of internal memory that you can use to store music, but it is not compatible with Spotify.

In addition to the Apple Watch, the Versa 2 are a female and a male smartwatch, with the choice of customizing the bracelets and color combinations.

?Light and comfortable to use
RelativamentePrice relatively low cost
?Always on screen (always-on)
❌UI needs to be improved

Price: from € 180 on AMAZON.ES

9. Fitbit Ionic: great alternative to sports watch

The sports smartwach is available in black, green / orange, gray and blue / white.

The Fitbit Ionic is a good wearable, but it is not the “big” smartwatch. There are positive aspects, including battery life, Fitbit Payment (NFC) and GPS. For practitioners of fitness, you will hardly find a better sports smartwatch.

There are missing features, but it is still a great fitness gadget, packed with programs and tracking features. It is one of the most advanced in its sector, being great to monitor the user’s physical activities.

The more angular IONIC design is perhaps less feminine, but it is probably one today’s best sports smartwatch.

?Light screen, even in bright environments
?Training and fitness features
?Good battery life
❌Interface prone to slow performance
❌Lack of third-party apps

Price: from € 159 on AMAZON.ES

10. Apple Watch Series 3: “economical” option for iOS

Apple Watch Series 3
The Series 3 is available in 38 mm and 42 mm versions.

Apple’s smartwatch, from the previous version, is still a tempting purchase option. The screen is vibrant, with great definition, with 38 mm and 42 mm. This makes it possible to have a lot of information and more details in the display, making good use of the dial.

We highlight the possibility of following various types of training and exercises, being waterproof for swimming pools (swimming). You can store music on your watch and answer, or reject calls from your wrist, in addition to sending messages.

The battery smartwatch lasts 18 hours of daily use or 6 hours of physical exercise with the GPS on. The processor is a S3 with two cores, with the possibility of upgrading to the Apple watchOS 7.0 operating system.


? Large screen
? Relatively light and ergonomic
❌ Battery life
❌Old model (2017)

Price: from € 229 at the Apple store

3 things to consider when choosing a smartwatch

1. Compatibility. Although most smart watches are compatible with Android and iOS phones, this is not always the case. So, before you buy, check if the smartwatch in question is compatible with your mobile devices.

2. Characteristics. Aspects like screen (resolution, type and size) are important, as is the processor. The same can be said for the autonomy which will vary depending on the battery capacity (in mAh) and the intensity of use.

3. Type of smartwatch. There are smart watches aimed at sports and those that aim to complement the phone, or even be independent of it. There are also smartwatches for children whose best here we select.

Before you go, check out the list of the best Chinese phones to take into account. Also take advantage of discovering the best good and cheap mobile phones today!

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