aTo improve image quality during a video call, streaming games, or teleworking, a good quality webcam is essential for your setup, or home office. Here you will find the best webcams today!

The main criteria were the characteristics of each computer camera, the maximum resolution and the price / quality ratio. In addition to the best purchase options, you have good tips for improving the captured image.

1. Logitech Brio – the best webcam in 2020

Brio is a 4K webcam, certified by Skype, Zoom and Windows Hello.

Maximum resolution: 4K Ultra-HD at 30 fps
Field of vision: 90th
Price: from € 199 on Amazon.ES

Logitech Brio it is the best webcam considering the quality and resolution up to 4K Ultra-HD at 30 fps, FullHD at 30, or 60 fps, or HD at 30, 60, or 90 fps. It is the most advanced webcam, with digital zoom up to 5x and wide viewing angle, up to 90º diagonally.

It has glass lenses, microphones, Skype Business and Windows Hello certification, and can unlock your Windows computer. It has several mounting options, with removable and malleable clip, in addition to the tripod thread and USB type C connection.

Enterprise certification, compatibility with Windows, Mac and certification awarded by Zoom and other platforms are major highlights. You can explore its capabilities and customize the image with the Logitech Capture platform.

2. Logitech C270 – the best cheap webcam

The C270 is a good inexpensive solution from Logitech, with some similar variants.

Maximum resolution: HD (720p) at 30 fps
Field of vision: 60th
Price: from € 35 on Amazon.ES

The image quality is in HD (720p) at 30 fps, but it is already the minimum enough to use in video calls, telework, Skype calls and online chat. THE C270 it is discreet, easy to install and good value for money.

The highlight goes to the front microphone with reduced ambient noise, serving to maintain a conversation in videoconferences with clarity. It has an LED clip indicator to mount and hold the camera on the edge of the screen.

The Logitech webcam automatically adjusts lighting conditions to compensate for variations in light. It is a cheap webcam, but it meets the minimum quality requirements, with some variants on the market such as the C310 HD and B525 Full HD.

3. Logitech C920 – the best price / quality ratio in 2020

The C920 model has been on the market for several years and remains one of the best webcams.

Maximum resolution: FullHD (1080p) at 30 fps
Field of vision: 78th
Price: from € 80 on Amazon.ES

The best competitively priced webcam is Logitech C920, standing out for its Full-HD video with stereo audio thanks to the two built-in microphones. It has autofocus, universal clip, tripod thread and a durable construction.

With several years on the market, it remains the best for the price, whether for telecommuting via Zoom and Hangouts, streaming games, or Skype calls. Compatible with Mac and Windows, it has a glass lens for greater clarity and two LEDs.

We recommend this webcam for general use due to its price / quality ratio. It is versatile, easy to assemble and adjust on the computer and, if necessary, the captured audio is good enough to chat online.

4. AUKEY Webcam FHD – good cost / benefit alternative

AUKEY FULL HD is economical, stylish and captures 1080p video.

Maximum resolution: FullHD (1080p) at 30 fps
Field of vision: 78th
Price: from € 45 on Amazon.ES

AUKEY specializes in gadgets with good quality / price, with the FHD Webcam is an excellent purchase for streaming games, Skype calls, Zoom, telework and general use. It is one of the best webcams in the price / quality ratio.

The highlight goes to the quality of the video, with good sharpness and automatic adjustment of the lighting, in addition to the elegant design with good construction. However, it does not have autofocus, but it keeps in focus up to a maximum distance of 3 meters.

It is versatile, has a rear microphone that can serve to mediate calls and a practical mounting system with adjustment for fixing to the computer. Installation is simple, just connect the USB cable to your Windows / Mac computer.

5. Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 – cheap and functional option

The LifeCam HD 3000 is a cheap webcam from Microsoft

Maximum resolution: HD (720p) at 30 fps
Field of vision: 69th
Price: from € 29 on Amazon.ES

The webcam LifeCam HD 3000 from Microsoft is very cheap and provides video chat in HD (720p) at 30 fps. It is certified for Skype and works on any video call or telework service, being compatible with Windows and Mac.

It has a built-in microphone that guarantees a minimum of quality in voice pickup. The highlight goes to the computer’s fixing base, or to put on the desk, adjust and use after connecting the webcam via USB.

It is a simple solution that does not particularly excel in video quality, but has a good price / quality ratio and already surpasses the webcams integrated in computers for calls from Hangouts, Zoom and other platforms.

6. Microsoft LifeCam Studio – great voice pickup quality

Microsoft’s most advanced solution is LifeCam Studio

Maximum resolution: FullHD (1080p) at 30 fps
Field of vision: 75th
Price: from 9€ 9 on Amazon.ES

THE LifeCam Studio is a webcam with a large field of view, autofocus, glass lenses and HD 720p video capture for video calls. Despite having a FullHD (1080p) sensor, the video is limited to the HD (720p) standard.

The highlight is the robust and durable construction, in addition to good color representation and good automatic brightness adjustment by the webcam. Its microphone is capable of attenuating background noise and is particularly good for picking up voices.

The wide-angle lens makes it suitable for work meetings where it is necessary to capture all stakeholders. It is also worth mentioning the strong support with tripod thread and several mounting options, in addition to Skype certification.

7. Logitech StreamCam – good option for content creators

StreamCam is Logitech’s latest webcam

Maximum resolution: FullHD (1080p) at 60 fps
Field of vision: 78th
Price: from € 159 on Amazon.ES

With streamers in mind, Logitech launched in 2020 the StreamCam, capable of recording in FullHD (1080p) up to 60 fps, being available in black and white. It has Type C USB connection, removable mounting clip, tripod thread and good optics.

The highlight is image quality, with autofocus, glass lenses and a maximum aperture of f / 2.0 to capture more light and improve results. It has two microphones for better voice pickup quality and LED indicator.

It can be used horizontally, or vertical if you want to do stream from the Windows / Mac computer to the social networks and you can improve the results through the Logitech Capture platform.

8. Razer Kiyo – the best webcam for streaming games

Razer’s Kiyo stands out for its LED ring for lighting the face.

Maximum resolution: FullHD at 30 fps
Field of vision: 81st
Price: from € 99 on Amazon.ES

Razer has the best webcam for streaming games with your Kiyo, equipped with an LED ring for adjustable lighting by rotating the ring itself. It transmits video in FullHD at 30 fps, or in HD (720p) at 60 fps, with a good field of view (81.6º).

The ring consists of 12 white LEDs and can illuminate your face very well, even without another light source. It has a robust construction and several possibilities of assembly on the computer, USB connection and compatibility with Windows and Mac.

This is a good quality webcam that we can recommend for streamers and even for the general public if they want to broadcast live and need a compact but useful lighting source.

9. Logitech C930e – good choice for business use

The Logitech C930e has a wider field of view thanks to the wide angle lens.

Maximum resolution: FullHD at 30 fps
Field of vision: 90th
Price: from € 125 on Amazon.ES

The webcam C930e it is a good cost / benefit option for use in work meetings, conferences via Skype, or for teleworking in which it is necessary to capture a larger image. It is similar to the C920, but it has a wide angle lens.

It is one of the best webcams for FullHD (1080p) video at 30 fps, with automatic lighting correction and sharp image. It has autofocus and certification for various platforms such as Zoom, corporate Skype, Cisco, among others.

It has a solid base and clip for mounting on the computer, can digitally zoom up to 4 times with little loss of quality, cover included to ensure privacy and adjustable settings on the Logitech Capture platform.

10. Logitech MeetUp – the best professional option

MeetUp is a professional solution from Logitech

Maximum resolution: 4K Ultra-HD at 30 fps
Field of vision: 120º
Price: from € 999 on Amazon.ES

MeetUp is a conference center, or rather, a webcam for business meetings where it is crucial to ensure good image and audio quality. It is a professional solution aimed at business consumers.

Ensures video transmission in 4K Ultra-HD quality (up to 3840 x 2160p) with the possibility of zooming up to 5 times. The highlight is also the integrated microphone, optimized to capture voices up to 4 meters away and ensure voice clarity.

It has built-in speakers flanking the camera, as well as a Type C USB connection and a robust construction. It can be attached to a television to facilitate work conferences, and also has several image adjustments and autofocus.

3 steps to improve your webcam image

1. Make sure your face is lit up. This will avoid the digital grain (noise) in the image and improve the results on any webcam for PC or Mac. Natural fonts like a window are also good, but the curtain runs to soften the light.

2. Assemble and point the webcam so that it is at eye level, preferably. This will make conversations more natural and create a more humane dialogue. If necessary, mount it on a small tripod next to the computer, or adjust its angle.

3. If the webcam manufacturer offers a program or platform to configure the settings, use it. Then you can not only update the firmware of the webcam, but also adjust the image to meet your needs.

Microphones integrated into webcams, as a rule, are no better than those integrated into computers. If you want to improve call quality and ensure the best voice pickup, check out the list of the best PC microphones.