You need a list of torrent sites, which is regularly updated and recommends services that continue to work, this is a fact. And you can stop your search – after checking the speed and analyzing the popular search queries on each site, we have compiled for you the most complete and current list of this kind.

Believe me, it was quite difficult to compile it, because even the best sites tend to disappear without a trace in a day. Over the past years, the situation has been constantly changing, the services have been shutting down, many frankly mediocre websites with low-quality, dangerous and even fake torrents have appeared … That is why you also need a list of reliable search engines working with torrents.

Well-known services such as ExtraTorrent, KickassTorrents and TorrentProject no longer work – some were closed by force, some closed themselves to avoid persecution. However, there are other services.

Very often, well-known torrent sites fall under locks in certain countries, unfortunately, and Russia did not stand aside. Even Google has taken measures to prevent users from accessing torrent trackers – for example, by removing such sites from their search results and adding them to the Chrome Adblock blacklist.

If you can’t download torrents in your country, and also if you want to download torrents anonymously (which, by the way, is always a plus), then you can bypass the locks and protect your data using the VPN service. If you are looking for a reliable VPN service, then look at our selection of the 10 best VPN services for working with torrents.

We recommend NordVPN   – it provides first-class security, provides fast connections and unlimited P2P traffic when connecting to thousands of its servers. After reading the article to the table with the results of speed checks, you will be able to evaluate the quality of this service and find out from which sites the file download is the fastest. You can also read reviews of real users of this service.

IMPORTANT POINT: remember that working with torrents can be legal in many countries, but downloading copyrighted content is not. We are entirely for the freedom of access and choice of information, but we DO NOT urge to break the law.

The best working sites for torrents

    1. The pirate bay
    2. Radar
    3. 1337x
    4. Torlock
    5. Torrentz2
    6. Its
    7. East
    8. Google
    9. Torrentdownowns
    10. LimeTorrents

Top best Russian torrent trackers for those who miss Sorrentino

Unfortunately, the torrent tracker Sorrentino, beloved by many, could not survive the blocking of Roskomnadzor and was closed in 2018. But do not despair, we have prepared for you a list of the best and, importantly, not blocked Russian and foreign torrent trackers, which can be an excellent alternative to Sorrentino.

1. (formerly – The largest in RuNet

  • The most popular torrent tracker for Runet
  • Over 13 million registered users
  • You can find almost everything – the most popular and largest torrent tracker in Runet. Its audience totals more than 13 million registered users. On the site, you can find everything: movies, music, anime, software and books.

Since January 25, 2016, RuTraker has been officially blocked by Roskomnadzor, however, there are many legal ways to circumvent this blocking: VPN, Tor browser, add-ons for Chrome, Opera and Yandex browsers.

Previously, the resource collaborated with copyright holders of the content, but after being blocked by Roskomnadzor, it was again allowed to distribute any files on the site.

Number of results for “Black Mirror”: 256

Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 885

Go to

Is it not downloading? Try visiting these mirrors:,,

2.  – The best open run tracker

  • Lack of registration
  • Good informative design
  • Availability despite blocking


The main advantage of Rutorg is that it is open, that is, you do not have to register on the site to download files. Like most Russian torrent trackers, it was blocked by Roskomnadzor. However, the site has changed its domain and is again available. Its base is not as extensive as that of, but you will find all the popular news there. The minus of the site is a large amount of advertising.

Number of results for “Black Mirror”: 85

Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 246

Go to

Is it not downloading? Try visiting these mirrors: and

3. LostFilm.TV – The best tracker for TV shows

  • A huge database of TV shows and films
  • Professional dubbing of foreign series
  • Daily Prime Addition


The largest database of Russian series, as well as many foreign series and films in professional dubbing. New episodes appear very quickly, within a few days after the premiere on TV. To access the download, you should register on the site. In addition to torrents, users are also available ratings of movies and TV shows, a base of videos with teasers and trailers, movie news, a schedule for adding new episodes, as well as a forum.

4. NNM-Club – Intelligent torrent tracker

  • There are torrents available without registration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Daily update

It has been working for over 12 years and is better known among users as Noname-Club. Its audience is more than 4.5 million users. Although the site cooperates with copywriters and has a strict copyright policy, it was also blocked by Roskomnadzor. A pleasant moment: some of the content (with the “Free” icon) is available without registration. But to access the entire database and create distributions, you need to register on the site.

Number of results for “Black Mirror”: 230

Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 1560

Is it not downloading? Try checking out this mirror:

The best foreign torrent sites that still work

We have also prepared for you a list of available foreign torrent trackers. These sites have been thoroughly tested, they are all 100% accessible, they all work – this, at least, was when we checked everything for the last time.

1. The Pirate Bay  – Best in Everything

  • The most popular torrent tracker in the world
  • Survived a lot of attempts to close and lock
  • VIP / Trusted user tags let you know safe content right away


The Pirate Bay immediately shows which torrents you can trust

The Pirate Bay is a service with a long and complex history, which, however, enjoys the sincere love of millions. There you will find millions of torrents of various types and categories, and magnet links are also supported there. The site interface is as simple as possible, even beginners will figure it out.

Note: TPB domains change quite often (now, for example, this is, and from time to time the site becomes completely inaccessible. Fortunately, access is invariably restored – thanks to the advanced technologies that TPB is armed with. On the Internet, there are many “mirrors” of TPB – special proxy sites.

Average file download speed: 3.2 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 9

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 158

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 4,366

Enter The Pirate Bay

Is it not downloading? Try logging into these mirrors: thepiratebay. VIP,,

2. RARBG – Best Source for New Content

  • The active community of users and many distributions
  • A huge range of new and old torrents
  • Top 10 ratings for films, shows, music and many other categories

Discover the most popular torrents with RARBG’s “Top 10” ratings

RARBG appeared in 2008 and boasts a reputation of a convenient site with high-quality torrents, as well as constant updates.

Unfortunately, such activity could not but attract extra attention to the service. As a result, RARBG is blocked in a wide variety of countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal and Britain. A torrent VPN service will help you get around all of these blockages.

Average file download speed: 2.3 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 0

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 27

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 502

Login to RARBG

Is it not downloading? Try logging into these mirrors:,,

3. 1337x – The most convenient service

  • Great selection of movies, TV shows, games and music
  • Many useful options: you can search for Academy Award nominees, new episodes, libraries, etc.
  • The redesigned interface allowed taking work with the service to a whole new level


The best combination of a wide range and user-friendly interface

If you do not know what you want to find, then the 1337x service will certainly help you find a torrent that you will enjoy – thanks to its simple and conveniently organized interface. The site was recently seriously redesigned; in addition to improving the design, the service team fixed several serious security vulnerabilities.

Now it is one of the most popular torrent trackers in the world – the popularity of this site is so great that Google even removes it from the search results.

Average file download speed: 1.9 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 9

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 327

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 1,000

Enter 1337x

Is it not downloading? Try to go to these mirrors:,, x1337x.EU,

4. TorLock – The best source of anime and e-books

  • A huge range of “live” distributions of anime, e-books and music
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • The Top 100 Best Torrents rating allows you to find the best content.

The simple and minimal interface makes it easy to find the right content.

TorLock is a huge torrent list and a fantastic site. This service is especially suitable for those who are looking for high-quality anime or books and other reading content.

Some of the distributions of TorLock are unlikely to be found on other trackers, however, the most popular torrents are also here – you will have more than 4.8 torrents to choose from.

Average file download speed: 3.5 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 12

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 535

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 1,000

Go to TorLock

5. Torrentz2 – The Best Source of Music

  • Huge range of music distribution
  • Extremely simple service
  • Doesn’t attract too much attention

There is all the music you can dream of

Torrentz2 is, let’s say, the reincarnation of the popular Torrentz site. Here, the minimalistic design of the original site is preserved, and the main emphasis is placed on music – among distributions of this category are not uncommon ones that were opened about 10 years ago … and which still distribute 20+ siders!

Yes, some changes have been made to the working principle of magnet links, however, Torrentz2 remains an excellent service for audiophiles to this day, as well as one of the most notable torrent trackers.

Average file download speed: 2.0 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 7

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 0

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 10

Go to Torrentz2

Is it not downloading? Try visiting these mirrors: torrentz2.EU,

6. YTS – Best Movie Source

  • A chic selection of films – there are both classic and latest hits
  • Ideal for users with limited traffic
  • Stylish interface image

Great search engine and easy filtering

YTS.AG is dedicated to films, films and films again. The chic design and the huge range of films available make this service an ideal option for movie lovers.

Also, all these torrents will be very gentle on your traffic limits, which, by the way, is one of the advantages of the site.

In general, YTS.AG is an ideal option for films and more. You will not find any other categories here, and therefore you will have to go to other torrent trackers for games, music and TV shows.

Average file download speed: 2.2 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 0

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 1

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 0

Login to YTS

7. EZTV – Best TV Show Source

  • Amazingly huge range of television shows
  • Many new episodes are added daily.
  • The very active user community

eztv image

Promised Land for TV Show Fans

The history of EZTV is in many ways dramatic, but all this is a thing of the past. At the moment, this is one of the best torrent sites with TV shows with many active users.

Here you can find almost everything that was shown on TV – from the latest series and television shows going late at night, and to reality shows and NASCAR races.

The site’s interface evokes memories of the early 2000s, but working with it is very simple, and this is important.

Average file download speed: 2.0 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 0

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 0

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 198

Go to EZTV

8. Zooqle – Best Newbie Among Torrent Trackers

  • Over 3.5 million verified torrents
  • Good balance of entertainment content and software
  • Large enough user community (for a new service)


This newbie will not disappoint you

More than 37,000 films and 600 television shows can be found on Zooqle – impressive for a site that recently appeared on the torrent scene.

The interface is very decent, although not without minor flaws. However, working with this site is very simple, and the volume of its torrent database is large enough for you to find something for yourself there.

Many loyal users like the direction of Zooqle, so you can be sure that this site will get better and better over time.

Average file download speed: 1.9 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 2

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 493

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 2,953

Go to Zooqle

9. TorrentDownloads – The Best Source of Little Known Content

  • Extensive and well-organized torrent library
  • It’s convenient to work with the site
  • Unfortunately, in many countries, it is blocked.

torrentdownloads image

TorrentDownloads boasts an impressive selection of films, old and new is another very popular torrent tracker, mainly due to its … let’s say, neatness. Even if all other torrent trackers do nothing to help you, there are quite good chances that it is here that you will find the very old and rarely used program that you have been looking for for a hundred years or a little-known e-book that you want to reread to death.

A small note: if you look in the “Other” category in your searches, then be prepared to break through a huge collection of adult content.

Also, TorrentDownloads.I cannot be called a little-known site, and therefore there is every chance that access to it in your country may be limited.

Average file download speed: 2.7 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 22

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 713

And Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 1,000

Go to TorrentDownloads

10. LimeTorrents – Best Plan B

  • Convenient and neat interface
  • Most torrents are taken from larger and better trackers.
  • There are low-quality torrents and distributions without siders

limetorrents image

A perfectly acceptable alternative for those who are looking for new content is a pretty decent replacement for your favourite torrent tracker if it becomes unavailable. However, here there are tar spoons.

One of the advantages of this service is a well-designed and organized design, which is convenient to work with. New and popular releases are distributed quickly and massively.

But old torrents are often abandoned. This, of course, is not the problem of the site itself, but such inconsistency forces it to be used more as a fallback.

Average file download speed: 2.5 MB / s

Number of results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 22

Number of results for “Black Panther 2018”: 506

Ans Number of results for “Game of Thrones”: 1,000

Go to LimeTorrents

Which torrent tracker is best?

Testing speed

It should be noted right away that the torrent tracker alone is not responsible for the speed – the whole thing is in the so-called “ hive ”, or the number of siders (distributors) and leechers (downloads) of a certain torrent.

Having made this reservation, we are ready to show you the results of tests on the file upload speed for the 10 torrent trackers mentioned above when connected via NordVPN :

Torrent Size: ~ 1 GB

Ratio of sider to leecher:> = 80%

Connection: 75 MB / s

Average speed (without VPN): 2.6 MB / s

 SiteAverage speed (MB / s)Peak speed (MB / s)
# 1
The Fastest
Torrent Site
# 2ThePirateBay3.25.0
# 3Torrentdownowns2.76.4
# 6Its2.24.7
# 7Torrentz22.03.7

As you can see, all sites provide more than acceptable speed, with The Pirate Bay, TorLock and TorrentDownloads leading the way. More importantly, NordVPN showed impressive results, providing an average speed of 2.4 MB / s for all the sites tested – and this is only 8% less than if you download torrents without a VPN.

The number of torrents

We made three popular search queries on each site to compare the number of results.

 Drake, Scorpion
Black Panther 2018
Game of Thrones
(TV Show)
The pirate bay91584366

We were not even surprised when it turned out that The Pirate Bay showed the best results on the query about the Game of Thrones – in other words, the fans of the series will find something for themselves without any problems. Google is a little behind, and EZTV disappointed, disappointed – although, it would seem, this service is devoted to series and television shows.

If you’re looking for movies or music, then TorrentDownloads seems to be your best option, although LimeTorrents offers quite a few options. Since YTS is dedicated to films, we were surprised to find nothing in other categories. A surprise was the fact that in terms of films, the results here, as they say, are not very good.

Downloading torrents without a VPN can be dangerous

Most torrent trackers clearly warn that before downloading any torrent, you should enable a VPN – and there are good reasons for that.

Perhaps in your country of residence torrents are illegal in principle. without appropriate precautions, alas, the consequences of downloading torrents can be the most serious – form spam requirements from the copyright holder to severe fines, arrest and even imprisonment.

Even if you are lucky to live in a country where torrents are allowed, you can still encounter certain problems. For example, your ISP may specifically limit the connection speed if it detects that you are “clogging” the channel to the maximum. And then the speed of the Internet will drop to unacceptably slow, and torrents will be downloaded not just for a long time, but for a very long time. You understand the prospect is so-so, especially if you are a passion as you want to watch your favourite movie.

With the right VPN service, you can handle all these serious problems. According to our research, these services are the best currently available on the VPN market

  • Anonymity.
    The VPN service will encrypt your connection and redirect it through its servers, making it virtually impossible to track your actions. It will be so difficult if at all possible, to keep track of the content you have uploaded – as well as any other online activity of yours. Make sure your VPN service uses first-class encryption and does not maintain logs.
  • Bypass locks.
    When you try to access the torrent tracker with a high probability you can see a message stating that it is not available in your country (or even specifically blocked by the provider). VPN services, in turn, allow you to connect to servers in various countries. You can use this to bypass access blocking and download content from your favourite torrent trackers, wherever you are.
  • Prevention of speed limits.
    If the provider underestimates the speed of your Internet connection, then a VPN service will be an excellent solution to the problem. Your traffic will be masked, and therefore no one (except, in fact, the VPN service itself) will know what exactly you are doing. You can learn more about this in our article on the issue of limiting the speed of the Internet connection by the provider.


If you want to download torrents, you will find many excellent sites you can rely on. But if you care about your privacy (and want your favourite tracker to continue to work further), then be sure to use a VPN. Check out our beginner guide to learn more about VPNs.