Review of EBox® T8 V4 TV Box Latest Kodi Smart TV Box T8-4 Stream TV box

Had an apple tv2, an M8, an M5 and a amazon fire tv 3 and this blows every one out of the water! Amazon now fiddly due to kodi apk blocks to update but used to be the one for speed!!! No longer and this fully unlocked super fast unit beats them all hands down. So much more content, opportunities and speed. Excellently built, and can highly recommend this as a purchase from ent box who have unbelievable service and communications!!! Don’t go ebay or amazon buy from here for zero regrets!!!
  • Entertainment Box have done it again. There has not been a query or a problem that they couldn't resolve. They are always at hand to help and very polite. Always a pleasure and look forward to dealing with these guys and I know there is always a good outcome. Well done guys - brilliant.
  • great product. I got the T8 V. great service and they stand by there product. and will help you after the sell. You can not find a better company to do business with.
  • Really helpful customer support, very fast service. If in doubt on anything big or small they will always help. I have a T8 V and its the best android device I have ever bought, keep up the good work guys.
  • The people at EntertainmentBox are superb. I won a competition that they put up and it arrived the following day. You cannot get better service than that. You need to buy something? Or service? Contact these people FIRST!