Review of EBox T8 V TV box, 2017 Internet Streaming Box! Version 5

I have now had this Ebox T8V for a couple of weeks or more, still getting use to it but the first thing you notice compared to other android boxes is how lightning fast it is. Having had various android tv boxes over the years, this one leaves them all standing, no more buffering or stalling which has been the hallmark of other boxes and waiting ages for kodi to load up.I guess it’s fair to say, a good broadband speed is essential which I do have. I watch mainly movies and sport and everything I’ve watched so far has been brilliant.Like other reviewers have said the normal remote is ok but the remote pro is so much better.I thoroughly recommend this product.
  • Spent the last couple of hours in the chat with a guy called Nick who eventually helped me to update my q box. Nick was superb in sorting out several problems I encountered and he sorted everything out for me, top man, great customer service, thank you
  • I have just had the pleasure of having an online chat with Nick to purchase a new product. All I can say is that the service and advice offered by Nick to meet my requirements can only be stated as Perfect This guy is what Fantastic Customer Service should be based on. Thanks Nick
  • Purchased the T8V android tv box. The first one had a fault but was replaced with no hassle and within 5 days of returning. Staff were very helpful both over the phone and on the chat line. Couldn’t be more pleased now we are up and running. Would not hesitate to use them again and would definitel... Read More
  • Nick was most helpful in answering a question. Especially because I did not buy my H96Pro from them. Thank you..