Review of EBox® M9 Penta Core Smart Kodi TV Box Upgraded M5 TV Box

I’ve had My T8 now nearly 3 months and I can honestly say this is better than when sky+ came out in respects to my home entertainment enjoyment. The T8 is sleek, well built and more powerful than most of its counterparts on the market. I also own a ice cube 2 type devise not from Droidsticks but from eBay and paid a lot more than the T8 combo. I was promised the earth, told this was the best on the market and the support was 24/7 as well. While the box was good, it had good features and at the time plenty of good addons the support was rubbish and non existent. So when I got to know more about the boxes and the android arena, Droidsticks name kept coming up so I went for the T8 combo and crossed fingers. Delivered the next day and wow it was like moving from a reliant robin and into Aston martin. A big plus is the support and the dedication to its customers of all abilities and knowledge. Their Wizard makes keeping up with the underground hints and tips for continuous viewing redundant and trust me without it you will. This is champagne at lemonade prices, highly recommended.
  • Hi all, Having just updated the firmware on my M8 box, I had a small problem that after installing the new software, the booting stopped. I asked support with CHAT and after a couple of questions I was informed what to do and it worked splendidly. A firm with so a good service is hard to find. Than... Read More
  • Entertainment Box have done it again. There has not been a query or a problem that they couldn't resolve. They are always at hand to help and very polite. Always a pleasure and look forward to dealing with these guys and I know there is always a good outcome. Well done guys - brilliant.
  • Recent purchase of R99 TVs smart box - excellent service and delivery. Well satisfied with the R99, like the new menus installed, well suited for APK's. This is my second smart box TV ( TV8 installed in second room) and found both excellent performing products and cannot praise enough the service/de... Read More
  • great product. I got the T8 V. great service and they stand by there product. and will help you after the sell. You can not find a better company to do business with.