Review of EBox® M9 Penta Core Smart Kodi TV Box Upgraded M5 TV Box

So…where do i begin, i first heard of a ”program” names XBMC around about 10 years ago. I had bought myself an Apple TV which quite frankly i didnt get much use out of due to the limitations. I had heard of a way of putting ”XBMC” onto the apple tv so i decided to give it a go. After many frustrating hours, expletives yelled at the computer screen and Apple TV included, i finally somehow managed to get the program up and running on the device. Bearing in mind how much XBMC/KODI has developed since this time even back then i was blown away with just what it could do! so much so i made friends and relatives buy apple Tv’s which i then i had to load XBMC onto much to my agony!Anyways, after a few weeks/months addons would ”break” or something would go wrong, i would then spend time and effort trying to figure out just how to fix and correct the situations, all very time consuming and mega frustrating! but the program offered so much i just tried what i could. In the end it all got too frustrating for me and i just eventually gave up, not being so technically gifted with Computers and programming etc. So…….a few years have passed since then…..twitter was even created since i last delved into the XBMC world! and i come across a site/twitter account DROIDSTICKS.I do abit of reading, everything sounding very positive and very highly regarded by not just the products but also the customer support. I take a plunge and order a T8 box with the S77 Pro Keyboard after reading so many great reviews on it.Much to my excitement i receive it in very speedy time and cant wait to get it home and set it up 🙂 I follow the instructions of how to set up my new device and it all seems incredibly simple! i cannot describe how simple it all is since i tried to do it myself all them years back!I connect it to my TV and AV setup, i follow the instructions to load on the wizard……………………………………….WOW!!!!!!WOW is an understatement to just how great this device is! its fast, every addon for me just works! i couldnt possibly ask for any more content nor such a stable and high performance device.I cant believe just how easy it is to have droidsticks update everything through their wizard and it takes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much hassle and frustration away its unbelievable. My only wish is i had found out about these guys years ago!!!!!!!I cant recommend this device highly enough, and the same goes for Droidsticks themselves, if only every purchase iv made came with the same support as these guys.After showing a few family and friends my new T8 box and how it runs so well and how its so easy to update and maintain i have convinced them to invest the T8 themselves. IT JUST WORKS! flawlessly!I cannot stress just how easy this is with the wizard compared to when i used to try myself, easily one of the best purchases iv ever made 🙂If you have any doubts about the device or support…….simply don’t! BUY one, you wont be disappointed i guarantee it 🙂
  • Hi all, Having just updated the firmware on my M8 box, I had a small problem that after installing the new software, the booting stopped. I asked support with CHAT and after a couple of questions I was informed what to do and it worked splendidly. A firm with so a good service is hard to find. Than... Read More
  • Entertainment Box have done it again. There has not been a query or a problem that they couldn't resolve. They are always at hand to help and very polite. Always a pleasure and look forward to dealing with these guys and I know there is always a good outcome. Well done guys - brilliant.
  • Recent purchase of R99 TVs smart box - excellent service and delivery. Well satisfied with the R99, like the new menus installed, well suited for APK's. This is my second smart box TV ( TV8 installed in second room) and found both excellent performing products and cannot praise enough the service/de... Read More
  • great product. I got the T8 V. great service and they stand by there product. and will help you after the sell. You can not find a better company to do business with.