Review of EBox® M9 Penta Core Smart Kodi TV Box Upgraded M5 TV Box

Fantastic item – I was really surprised at how much content is available and how simple it is to operate. Me and the missus get to watch all kinds of programmes and films that we’d need either a top TV package or streaming service for. There’s loads of sport on it – boxing, MMA, some wrestling, even American football!The kids are delighted with it too – the sheer amount and variety of content is amazing – and I’ve been really impressed with the amount of cartoons and kids stuff (both new and old school) you can get hold of – the other day I even managed to watch some Spitting Image from back in the 80’s! If you like your comic books like me then there’s also tons of superhero stuff including animated movies. I’ve already read all the books anyway, but I’m up to dat on Game of Thrones now as well as loads of other top shows…..just really enjoying this purchase – I can only recommend you pick one up asap – I’ve only ever owned this T8 but I’m pretty sure it’s almost earned it’s money back comparative to how much I’d have needed to shell out on the level of service needed for the content we’ve had.Nice on Droidsticks – you guys are awesome 🙂
  • Entertainment Box have done it again. There has not been a query or a problem that they couldn't resolve. They are always at hand to help and very polite. Always a pleasure and look forward to dealing with these guys and I know there is always a good outcome. Well done guys - brilliant.
  • great product. I got the T8 V. great service and they stand by there product. and will help you after the sell. You can not find a better company to do business with.
  • Really helpful customer support, very fast service. If in doubt on anything big or small they will always help. I have a T8 V and its the best android device I have ever bought, keep up the good work guys.
  • The people at EntertainmentBox are superb. I won a competition that they put up and it arrived the following day. You cannot get better service than that. You need to buy something? Or service? Contact these people FIRST!