Home Automobiles Tesla without driver was stopped by the police! (video)

Tesla without driver was stopped by the police! (video)

Tesla without driver was stopped by the police! (video)

With the release of the new "Smart Summon" beta update for the various Tesla models, hundreds of users have posted videos of their tests. This new mode allows Tesla to exit a parking lot and move to where the user is on autopilot.

After the wave of videos and funny situations caused by "Smart Summon", Elon Musk even confirmed that the feature would have been used more than half a million times.

Now the YouTube channel DragTimes has posted a new video of their tests, which ended with a very peculiar incident. Your Tesla Model 3 was eventually stopped by the police while driving without a driver!

Smart Summon mode ignored STOP signal

As might be expected, the list of comments accusing YouTuber of having staged the whole situation quickly began to flood the video. It is not possible to confirm whether or not it was staged. Although it seems to be a very likely situation. Regardless of being a real situation, the fact is that the Tesla Model 3 even completely ignored the STOP signal before advancing.

Although it did not detect any obstacles or vehicles, the car should have recognized the STOP signal and stopped completely before advancing.

This test was conducted in a practically empty parking lot (which makes the whole police situation even more dubious), but if it was a busy situation, the outcome could be much more serious.

Users need to remember that they remain responsible for their Tesla.

Even if it was a staged situation, they eventually approach a situation that is guaranteed to replicate over and over again in the near future. Since Tesla will be driving autonomously without a driver, if approached by the police, many will claim "not driving the car".

However, this way of trying to escape a possible fine will not be valid. Tesla is very clear on the terms and conditions of this feature. As with AutoPilot, also while using Smart Summon users are fully responsible for their car and any incident that may be involved.

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