Elon Musk confirmed yesterday through his Twitter account that they are doing everything possible to help the American people to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Your next step will be to reopen the Giga Factory in New York as soon as it is “humanly possible”.

However, obviously the aim of this reopening is not to produce electric cars again. Instead, they plan to carry out some transformations in their production line, so that it is possible to manufacture fans for use in hospitals.

Elon Musk Tesla Twitter

Tesla and several other car manufacturers partner to manufacture fans

Tesla is not the only car manufacturer to make its factories available so that it can produce as many and as many fans as possible. During the past few days, several car brands have confirmed that they have taken similar measures.

In addition to Elon Musk’s company, Ford and GM also confirmed that they will donate materials or use their resources to increase fan production levels. While Tesla is apparently partnering with Medtronic, Ford and GM are working directly with GE Healthcare and Ventec Life Systems respectively.

According to the CEO of Medtronic, they are entering into several partnerships with companies that have the means to manufacture fans, making available the technical data sheets of their “low-range” fans. The choice for these more basic fans is very easy to justify, since fewer components are needed and their production will be much faster.

Unfortunately, there is still no information on when the start of production of these fans can be confirmed, since the car factories have yet to be adapted for the new production lines.

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