Tesla will crush competition with $ 25,000 electric car!

Tesla Electric Car $ 25,000

During the big event that he held yesterday, Elon Musk revealed incredible news to all Tesla fans and the world of electric cars. Once again, Tesla’s CEO ended up contradicting one of his promises, but this time it was to the delight of the brand’s fans.

After stating in the past that Tesla would not manufacture a car that cost less than $ 35,000, Musk revealed yesterday that they are preparing to launch a new model that will arrive at a base price of just $ 25,000! It seems that this price will only be possible thanks to the new batteries developed by Tesla and is expected to reach the markets in 2023/2024.

Tesla Electric Car $ 25,000

Cheapest Tesla ever could be the much desired Hatchback

During the event, no details were revealed about this new car other than its base price. However, nothing stopped the rumors from starting to circulate.

I recall that not so long ago the Tesla CEO confirmed that at his factory in China he would have a team dedicated to the design and construction of a Hatchback model that would arrive in a very compact format and at a much more affordable price.

So it would not be surprising if this new car were really the much acclaimed Hatchback, especially after the feedback received by Tesla fans around the world. For example, in many European cities, the streets are far from being prepared for cars so “big”, and the ideal driving is done with more compact vehicles.

Tesla Hatchback

It has already been discussed several times that the launch of a compact and more affordable Hatchback model could represent the turning point where Tesla would come to dominate European markets.

Although details on the specifications or design of the new Tesla have not been revealed, Elon Musk made reference some time ago that the alleged Hatchback would arrive with a range greater than 200 miles, which corresponds to roughly 321 kilometers.

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