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Google Contacts changes design in new update (APK Download)

The Google Contacts app strives for its simplicity. Even though each manufacturer has its own contact...

PlayStation Plus: Check out January’s free games (video)

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Honor exceeds Xiaomi in online sales in the world's largest market

China's largest mobile phone market in the world has more than 700 million devices in China....

Renault Twingo electric will be “cheap”! Will the price fascinate?

Renault is one of the companies that has invested the most in electric cars. Today we...

Tesla V10: New update brings support for Netflix, YouTube and even "Caraoke"! (video)

Tesla electric cars are increasingly far from "simple and ordinary" cars, especially with the incredible news brought by the latest software update, Tesla V10. This was one of the biggest updates released to date, especially regarding entertainment features.

As promised by Elon Musk on many occasions, the Tesla is much more than a car, and also presents itself as an excellent entertainment platform. The new update brought amazing news such as support for Netflix, YouTube, "Caraoke" and also the popular Cuphead game.

For now, the update is only being made available to a small group of users, but thanks to YouTuber "All Electric" we can see all the latest updates. The video lasts 10 minutes and is entirely in English. However, even for those who do not understand English, you can easily see all the news brought by the new update.

Software is far from perfect, but it drives innovation in this segment!

There are many new features brought by Elon Musk's team for the various Tesla models, whether they are safety features, driving assistance or pure entertainment. With such a large volume of new features, it is natural for you to come across a number of bugs and malfunctions quite often.

Still, the whole platform is becoming increasingly solid and stable, and we see small problems resolved extremely quickly. Compared to the level of software offered by its competitors, Tesla cars are miles away, spearheading innovation in this increasingly popular segment.

List of improvements and news brought by the Tesla V10 update

  • Cuphead – Tesla Special Edition
  • Tesla Theater – Netflix and YouTube
  • Caraoke
  • Tesla V10 Driving Preview
  • Automatic lane change
  • Feeling Lucky or Hungry Feature
  • Tesla V10 map enhancements
  • Sentry Mode Improvements
  • Joe Mode
  • Application Launcher

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