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China will have "Uber" autonomous cars by 2021

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This game increased its sales after being able to download for free by torrent

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Tesla takes new steps to discourage third party restoration of its cars

Lately Tesla has been taking somewhat controversial steps towards its vehicles. After removing some features from second-hand copies, the American company now attacks those who restore their car at unauthorized points.

According to the Electrek publication, Tesla will remove support for fast charging in vehicles under these conditions. In the memo that the source had access to it can read “Supercharging and / or ‘fast charging’ via third-party chargers in a vehicle with a restored title are permanently disabled. “

This decision follows the recent trend to independently restore Tesla vehicles. Something that started to gain more dimension after the Youtuber Rich Rebuilds completely restored a Model S that it found submerged.

Model 3

Tesla has discouraged third party restoration

As could be expected, Elon Musk’s company has opposed these practices. In addition to strongly advising them, it has made access to components for their cars difficult.

Therefore, disabling fast charging on restored Tesla vehicles does not come as a surprise. It would not be surprising if the company also started to remove other features.

Despite this clear opposition, Tesla has a validation process for restored vehicles. This program possibly applies to processes carried out by the company itself or certified points.

If a Tesla model has been “marked” as unauthorized restored, there will be no way to remove that label from the company’s system. Therefore, if someone tries to tamper with the limitations of fast loading these cars, Tesla will take legal action.

With the growing popularity of Tesla cars, it is normal for this kind of practice to begin to emerge. The American company is not opposed to them just for monetary reasons, but it will also invoke safety reasons for drivers.

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