Tesla will begin to tighten its grip on its users who do not allow new software updates to be installed on their electric cars. Therefore, the manufacturer has now informed that if they do not allow installation soon, they will lose access to future updates and a “handful” of features!

For a long time, Tesla has found that some of its users purposely avoid installing software updates. There are several reasons that can lead users to make this decision:

  • Limitations implemented by Tesla in AutoPilot
  • Dislike the interface changes
  • Autonomy and charging limitations implemented for older Model S

Tesla Software

Users may lose access to many essential features on their Tesla

Recently, many users have confirmed that they have received a considerably “aggressive” message from Tesla.

With a simple warning of “security improvements”, they are informed that to ensure compatibility and access to the various features of their car, they need to update the software at least to version 2019.40.2.3 until May 1.

List of features that users may miss:

  • Future software updates
  • Tesla App
  • Using voice commands
  • Content playback via streaming
  • Other interactive features may be affected

Many of these features are part of the core of the “Tesla experience” and certainly no user will want to stop having access to new updates.

Considering that the time limit is quite extended (May 1st), this seems to be an action to scare users, not wanting to remove any functionality from their cars.

Software updates are crucial, regardless of vehicle or device

The software updates we receive are not always 100% pleasing, whether on a smartphone, computer, laptop, smartwatch or electric car. There are dozens of details that may make you wish you hadn’t pressed the “update” button.

However, it is rare that a software update does not arrive with several performance improvements, bug fixes and security improvements.

More than possible visual changes or implementation of new features, these are crucial improvements to ensure your security and that of your device.

Therefore, certainly Tesla should not be criticized for this action, with only the safety of its users in mind.

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