Home Automobiles Tesla: Smart Summon Function Has Been Used Over 1 Million Times

Tesla: Smart Summon Function Has Been Used Over 1 Million Times

Tesla: Smart Summon Function Has Been Used Over 1 Million Times

One of Tesla's most celebrated features is Smart Summon, which allows a vehicle to exit a parking lot, avoiding obstacles including other cars. The function works through the Tesla app, where the user can call the car within a maximum distance of 60 meters.

According to the latest financial results report, this function has been used more than 1 million times, no number specified. Smart Summon was launched in late September in a software update that brought the news to the vehicles.

Smart Summon doesn't always work as it should be

As you would expect, Smart Summon is not a perfect function. Tesla warns that drivers remain responsible for the car and must control the surroundings while the vehicle performs its functions. Truth be told, this Twitter user almost caused an accident.

Already this user in America had a hard time calling his Tesla at a very short distance. The vehicle was hesitating more than one student on its first day of driving lessons.

Truth be told, the exception doesn't make the rule and there are certainly situations where Smart Summon works. However, seeing Teslas failing has much more entertainment value, so the internet is packed with similar videos. Another type of Tesla-related video is autopilot, where people fall asleep at the wheel.

The smart technology of Tesla is far from perfect however users also have some fault in the notary's office. In any case, it seems that we are heading for a future full of "messy" cars in the parking lot being called by their owners clutching their cell phones.

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