Tesla saves driver of fine forced by police! (video)

Youtube and Netflix will soon hit Tesla cars

Tesla electric cars continue to feature more and more features that go far beyond just driving. Although many continue to think that the vast majority are just features to “show friends” this is far from true.

After several situations where the security system Sentry mode managed to catch the perpetrators of vandalism, Tesla’s advanced recording system managed to save a driver from a fine imposed by a police with no moral code.

Police say driver did not flash, but Tesla proves otherwise!

While driving smoothly on his Teslam Model 3, the driver was surprised by a policeman who stopped him after turning left at a set of traffic lights. Interestingly, his instinct caused him to immediately press the TeslaCam button, which records everything that happened around the car during the last 10 minutes.

Surely the driver never imagined that this “overreaction” would save him a total of $ 171. The police said he had not signaled to turn left, fining him for the alleged misdemeanor. Certain that the policeman was not correct, went to analyze the video recorded by his Tesla Model 3.

Interestingly, as you can see in the video above, you can see from the reflection of the van in front of you that the blink of your car was really active. As a result, after 5 long months the court eventually found the driver right, reversing the $ 171 fine.

Tesla saves fine

This is not the first time that the advanced technologies present in Tesla cars have saved their drivers. But this is one of the few (reported) cases in which the forces of authority are caught red-handed trying to abuse their powers.

Certainly the policeman in question could be far more helpful than trying to “chase fines” in a place where cars must follow the left lane.

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