The story appeared this week and was first reported by The Next Web. A Tesla user bought a used Model S with features like “autopilot” that were removed after he bought the vehicle.

Well, the Tesla user has now referred to the same site that after the complaints and exposure of the situation worldwide, Tesla decided to return the functionality to the user.

Tesla says it was “communication failure”

Tesla autopilot

Tesla told Alec, the owner of the used Tesla, that the situation was just a “communication failure” and that he regretted what had happened. Apparently when buying the car, the seller, who had bought it at a Tesla auction, was not entitled to autopilot and was activated by mistake.

At the time, the car had been purchased with “Enhanced Autopilot” (already discontinued). Feature that gave rise to the automatic pilot of Tesla cars.

In Tesla’s first statement, Alec says: “Tesla recently identified customer instances that were incorrectly configured for autopilot versions that they did not pay for.

Since then, an audit has been carried out to correct these instances. Your vehicle is one that has been incorrectly configured for autopilot.

We reviewed your purchase history and, unfortunately, driving on your own was not a feature you paid for. We apologize for the confusion. If you’re still interested in having these additional features, we can start the upgrade purchase process“.

Tesla backs off with his statement

However, after this drama surrounding the purchase of the used Tesla Model S, the manufacturer backtracked with its opinion and apparently “everything is fine”.

This serves as a lesson to all customers of any service or product. Complaining may not always be the most “elegant” way of dealing with a situation, however, when reason is on your side, never give up.

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