Tesla Releases Update to Prevent Unintentional Track Changes in Model 3

Tesla Releases Update to Prevent Unintentional Track Changes in Model 3

Usually the autopilot features are the ones that get the most attention on Tesla electric cars. However, this turns out to be only secondary if we consider all of its security features. In a new software update via OTA (over the air), Tesla Model 3 users have begun to receive two new additions to the active safety features.

The two features are 'Lane Departure Avoidance ' and 'Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance'. In essence, their main objective is to avoid any unintentional change of lane while driving. Upon detecting this event, Tesla will smoothly begin to autonomously return to the center of its current range.

Tesla Model 3 Security Functionality

This is an important feature, but it should be mandatory!

In the case of 'Lane Departure Avoidance'could be a perfect feature for educating the vast majority of drivers. Since it detects as an involuntary lane change also in situations where the flashing is not used. This is a habit presented by many drivers that ends up putting everyone around them in danger. However, this feature may be disabled if the user so decides.

On the other hand, the 'Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance'is only activated if Tesla detects imminent risk of collision, making the same autonomous detour to the center of the lane. Although it can also be disabled, this feature is automatically re-enabled at the beginning of each trip.

I have no doubt that these are extremely useful features that should be present by default without being able to be disabled (at least emergency). They would serve not only to prevent thousands of accidents but also to educate drivers to have safe driving habits.

Tesla Model 3 update

This will not be a unique feature of Tesla Model 3

As reported via the official Tesla website, the new update is now being made available today for all Tesla Model 3 via OTA (over the air). However, they also confirmed that it will not be an exclusive feature of this model. Once shipped to all Model 3s, they will phased out the new safety features for all Tesla cars produced from October 2016.

Tesla Model 3

Other safety features in Tesla cars

Although Elon Musk does not hide his great desire to make Tesla cars fully autonomous, the manufacturer still has a strong focus on its safety features. These two new features will be added to a list that already has 3 main security features.

There have been reports of proud Tesla car owners that have revealed situations in which any of these features has (probably) saved their lives. As you might expect, these security measures are integrated into the Tesla free of charge.

Thus, all drivers of popular electric cars can count on the aid of the automatic emergency braking system (AEB). In addition to the system to avoid side collisions and also warning of unintentional lane change.

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