Tesla. Price of the automatic driving package goes up again and Musk reveals big surprise!

Tesla. Price of the automatic driving package goes up again and Musk reveals big surprise!

After revealing that the beta version of the autonomous driving functionality is already being made available to a restricted group of drivers, Elon Musk confirmed that the automatic driving package (FSD) will receive a new price increase. This time, the official price revealed by Musk is $ 2,000, bringing the total price of the FSD to $ 10,000.

In a tweet published yesterday, he confirmed that the price would be changed as early as Monday, having corrected his disclosure today, the increase will take effect on Thursday. For already confirmed that the price increase is exclusive to the United States, estimating that in the remaining countries it should arrive within a week.

Very difficult to get video shot … I’ll get a better video soon … it turned on the signal, waited for the car and pedestrians … at night! Incredible work @Tesla !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ pic.twitter.com/HL65vB1gYR

– Brandonee916 (@ brandonee916) October 22, 2020

Tesla FSD package price increases will continue to arrive faster and faster

If you own a Tesla car, this is the perfect time to buy the automatic driving package, before its price is increased over the next few weeks. This increase comes after several users are already testing and publishing videos of real autonomous driving.

Although this mode of circulation is still in the testing phase, the results are extremely impressive. From here, it is expected that Elon Musk and his team will be able to achieve regular technological advances bringing the whole system much closer to the desired level.

Now that Tesla FSD beta is out in limited release, FSD price (new or upgrade) will go up by ~ $ 2k on Monday

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2020

Therefore, it is to be expected that these price increases in the value of the package will continue to happen with increasing frequency.

Elon Musk confirms the arrival of a monthly subscription to the FSD

In his latest tweet, where he revealed new information about the Tesla FSD price increase, Elon Musk also confirmed one of the big rumors that have been circulating for a long time. Tesla’s CEO revealed that a monthly subscription to the automatic driving package will be launched over the next year.

It was not yet this time that he decided to reveal more details about a more concrete date, quite possibly because he still does not have one. Tesla will certainly wait as long as possible until it can take the autonomous driving functionality to a desired level, before launching the much-talked about monthly subscription.

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