Earlier signs had been given that the Tesla Model Y would have a third row of seats at the rear. While the first images did not reveal much about the space available, a new image helps to clarify some doubts

The photograph confirms that this car will have two additional seats at its rear, totaling 7. Those more concerned with the comfort of these seats will now be able to answer some questions.

Mold Y seats

Comfort may not be the maxim of this third row

The two seats added to this row may not be the most comfortable, especially for tall people. It can be seen from the shared image that the space between rows will not be much.

For any emergency and for short distance journeys, this third row may serve your purpose well. Now if you are thinking of embarking on a long journey, it may not be a good idea to take 7 people inside a Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y will start hitting the market later this year

This one crossover Tesla has several similarities to the Model 3 and has everything to be popular in the market. Deliveries are scheduled to start this summer and we have already seen some prototypes traveling the North American streets.

If you are interested in your purchase, you will have three versions at your disposal: Long Range with rear-wheel drive, Long Range with double-wheel drive and Performance.

Prices will vary between 59 thousand euros and 71 thousand euros, depending on the version you choose. Orders can now be submitted on the Tesla UK website, with a deposit of 2 thousand euros.

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