Tesla Model X saves user’s life in impressive crash! (video)

Tesla Model X security test

The Tesla Model X has just been in the spotlight again, after a user claims that the car saved his life, when he lost control and the car headed straight up a cliff.

The user, Justin Bowen, revealed through a post on Twitter that the man who came to tow his car was impressed how he managed to stop and did not roll over.

@elonmusk as an early adopter of @Tesla using AP 1.0 AP 2.5 for over over 50K total AP miles I can contribute more than just my experience as an engineer but also an avid user. My X even saved my life; tow truck driver said it was a 70 ° slope surprised I stopped and didn’t flip. pic.twitter.com/60zKYl0gDa

– Justin Bowen (@ TonsOfFun111) February 3, 2020

Bowen added that the feat was due to the fantastic emergency braking system, which was activated as soon as the Model X sensed it was leaving the road.

Tesla Model X was not driving with AutoPilot at the time of the accident

According to Justin Bowen, the car did not have the AutoPilot active and the road it was on is extremely dangerous, recognized for being accident prone.

Justin also says he could see a truck several meters below the spot where the Tesla Model X managed to stop, saying he has no doubt that any other car would have simply overturned and the result would be quite different.

After the accident and the Model X was able to stabilize, Bowen managed to get out of the car normally, then calling the authorities.

Tesla Model X security test

Model X is the SUV that received the highest safety rating in several tests

In 2017, the Tesla Model X was subjected to a wide variety of safety tests by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), where it achieved the highest rating in the SUV category.

Basically, it would have been virtually impossible to achieve a better rating, having been awarded 5 stars in all tests performed.

Tesla itself has also boasted about the safety of the Model X on several occasions. The manufacturer said they never managed to roll over the car during internal safety tests, also revealing that the testing machine broke when they tested the roof’s strength.

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