Tesla Model S sets an autonomy record again and leaves its biggest rival behind!

Tesla Model S autonomy

Tesla surprised its fans again with a Tesla Model S Long Rang Plus, again increasing its autonomy. This improvement appears to have been again driven by the heated war with Lucid and its “top of the range” Lucid Air.

After breaking the autonomy record by increasing the Model S’s autonomy to 402 miles (646.96 kilometers), Tesla saw its record disappear for the Luci Air, which promised 406 miles (653.39 kilometers). Now, Tesla regains its title, once again improving the performance of its electric car, resulting in greater autonomy.

Rivalry between Tesla and Lucid continues to benefit all users

So far, this battle has brought great benefits to fans of both manufacturers, seeing each of them push their technologies to the limit. Interestingly, when the Lucid Air broke the autonomy record, the manufacturer made a point of highlighting its extremely competitive price, which was also below the Model S.

Elon Musk did not allow himself to sleep, eventually reducing the price of the Mode S Long Range Plus, clearly in response to his rival’s provocation.

Tesla Model S autonomy

Now, it has been confirmed by Electrek that new Tesla Model S models manufactured in 2020 appear with an announced range of 409 miles (658.22 kilometers).

No official disclosure has yet been made by Elon Musk and the EPA has not yet been updated on the manufacturer’s official website. However, the photograph of the Monroney sticker published by the website leaves no room for doubt.

It is not known how Tesla achieved these new improvements, which could be through its hardware, software or even improvements in both.

Electrek highlights the fact that compared to the previous details of its efficiency, the numbers are peculiarly lower. Therefore, when the autonomy increases but its efficiency low, the most likely is that they have managed to increase the capacity of their batteries.

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