Tesla Model C could be the most affordable electric car


A Tesla electric car can turn heads. Tesla models are elegant, technological and, above all, economical. This after buying them. This is because buying a Tesla in UK is not exactly for all portfolios.

However, Tesla wants to lower its prices further. It is no secret that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, wants to make Tesla cars more accessible to everyone. In fact, he even said so in one of the interviews given to Youtuber MKBHD.

Tesla Model C could arrive for 30 thousand Euros


Tesla’s goal is to manufacture an electric car for $ 25,000. As expected, UK’s tax burden and transport costs to our continent will make the value go up a little.

All told, a future Model C may arrive in our country for just over 30 thousand euros. A price considerably more affordable than the Tesla electric cars currently on the market.

Chinese and German plants will be more important than ever

Tesla Shanghai

With the construction of Tesla’s factory in Shanghai, China, Elon Musk’s company has managed to significantly lower labor costs. It should also be noted that the factory in Germany, which has now started construction, is also a factor to be taken into account.

This is because a car made in Europe will not have the same transport costs as a car made in the USA and transported to the old continent.

Tesla Model C design is still a mystery

Tesla Model C

Although Elon Musk and his team already have a clear idea of ​​what the future Tesla Model C will look like, nothing is yet public. Tesla’s CEO has already pointed out that the car will have to be smaller and easier to build.

With past experience and production errors, Tesla has been gaining momentum in the construction of its cars and it is believed that it will not be long before it can find the solution for the construction of its vehicles.

When an affordable Tesla will arrive

As in the design of the future car, the dates for its launch are also unknown. However, with Tesla’s strong growth I would say that it is a matter of half a dozen years before that happens.

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