Tesla is back at work at Germany’s Gigafactory! What has changed?

92 hectares of trees will be destroyed for the construction of Tesla

Tesla had a minor setback when it had to stop the construction works for Gigafactory in Germany. This was due to a complaint by a group of environmentalists who claimed that the factory was destroying thousands of trees and that it would affect local wildlife.

However, that is not what the Berlin Administrative Court understood. Therefore, the works continue for the construction of the first Elon Musk factory in European territory.

92 hectares of trees will be destroyed for the construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory

92 hectares of trees will be destroyed for the construction of Tesla's Gigafactory

The number is impressive. However, in defense of Tesla, the company claimed that the factory site is not a natural forest. In other words, the trees were planted for the purpose of making paper.

Tesla plans to produce 150,000 cars a year at the new Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

Elon Musk has an ambitious number for his first factory located on the Old Continent. Tesla believes it will be able to manufacture 150,000 cars a year and will employ more than 12,000 people.

These figures impress anyone and it is just a pity that UK was not one of the chosen countries. I remember that the name in our country came to the fore in the decision to implement the new car factory.

Still, Germany seems like the perfect place. There are many German manufacturers and in addition to obtaining already qualified labor, they will be able to access suppliers more quickly.

The importance of Gigafactory in Germany for the UK’s

Tesla electric car

With this factory, Elon Musk, you will be able to become even more competitive in Europe. I remember that Tesla cars in Europe have a much higher value than the same car in the USA. This is because transportation and taxes are a problem when Tesla cars enter our continent. Hopefully with this factory we will be able to have brand cars with a more competitive price.

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