Home Automobiles Tesla guarantees 120km in just 5 minutes with new Supercharger stations

Tesla guarantees 120km in just 5 minutes with new Supercharger stations

Tesla guarantees 120km in just 5 minutes with new Supercharger stations

With continued major investment in the exponential growth of its charging station network, Tesla has now unveiled the new generation of Supercharger stations. The first, present in Las Vegas in the United States, promises an impressive performance.

The manufacturer promises that this station will be able to charge up to 1500 Teslas per day, ensuring a range of 120 kilometers in just 5 minutes. With a charging time of just 15 minutes, the autonomy stops at 290km.

This type of technology could considerably reduce waiting times at electric car charging stations. Especially considering that most users do not travel 290 kilometers in their day to day travel.

Tesla remains at the forefront of the electric car revolution

Even though they remain cars that are not accessible to all types of users because of their price, Tesla is still at the forefront of the electric car revolution.

With many artificial intelligence features that no other manufacturer offers, Tesla cars continue to present themselves as one of today's most advanced technologies available to the public. However, it is not just their autonomous driving capabilities and other gadgets that make these cars stand out.

One of the major 'problems' pointed to electric cars is their autonomy and availability of charging stations. In this segment, Tesla offers the cars with longer range and more advanced charging technology. In addition, they continue to invest many millions of euros in developing their network of Supercharger stations in various countries.

Tesla Supercharger

New Supercharger V3 stations will arrive soon

For now, the new generation of Supercharger (V3) stations are only being deployed on the West Coast of the United States, but the manufacturer guarantees that it will not take long to reach other countries. As expected, its implementation will be a priority in cities / countries with a higher concentration of Teslas.

These new stations arrive with considerable improvements, which promise to solve the vast majority of problems pointed out by Tesla users. Among the many new features, they will be able to load the cars to their maximum capacity, without having to divide their power between the various charging points.

With this new technology and improved charging capacity, Tesla believes these new Supercharger stations will be able to reduce waiting times by up to 50%.

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