Home Automobiles Tesla fixes issue affecting its 'Dog Mode'

Tesla fixes issue affecting its 'Dog Mode'

Tesla fixes issue affecting its 'Dog Mode'

Just two days after learning of a problem with the 'Dog Mode' of Tesla cars, the builder begins distributing the appropriate correction. The announcement was made by Rahul Sood, the user who had pointed out the problem.

This #DogMode story went viral fast. Make no mistake that no other car company would have (or could have) responded as quickly as Tesla did and fixed the problem as fast as they did. Tesla is an amazing company, every other car manufacturer should be worried. pic.twitter.com/RIsW8fgfZH

– Rahul Sood ? (@rahulsood) August 2, 2019

Just two days after your complaint, he reports on his Twitter page that his Tesla has received a new software update. This aims to correct the problem that prevented the 'Dog Mode' from working properly in your car.

Tesla Dog Mode had a problem with the air conditioning fans

Rahul Sood, a Tesla car owner, reported a problem that prevented 'Dog Mode' from activating. Whenever the air conditioner fan speed was manually changed, this ventilation mode did not work.

Apart from rendering one of Tesla's most exclusive features unusable, this problem could endanger any animal in the car. On extremely hot days, leaving an animal indoors can be dangerous to your health.

No sooner was this problem exposed than Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said the company was working on a solution. This arrived just two days after the report and can and should be installed on any car that supports this feature.

What is Tesla's 'Dog Mode' for?

'Dog Mode' is a feature that aims to keep the climate of a Tesla even when we are not in the car. When the driver leaves the car with your dog inside, you can activate this mode so that your pet does not suffer from cold or heat.

Whenever 'Dog Mode' is active, a message is displayed on the car dashboard. This message states that the owner has left the climate control active and also shows the temperature that is felt inside the vehicle.

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