Tesla: drone video shows that autopilot has yet to evolve!


Tesla is one of the few manufacturers that can already give some kind of “autopilot” to their cars. Tesla’s new feature will be FSD (Full Self-Driving).

That is, this feature will make Tesla cars able to drive without the driver’s help on the highway or on normal roads. The new feature is in Beta and this video shows us why.

Video shows the new Tesla Autopilot

In the video we can see that the new FSD still has a lot to evolve. Although it is a considerable evolution for what we see on the market, there are still details that the autopilot needs to improve.

For example, at minute 1.25 we noticed that the autopilot failed considerably. In fact, the driver had to put his hands on the steering wheel and feet on the brake.


This is because Tesla was going to follow the route of the red car that was clearly parked. In other words, he was not smart enough to realize that the road was turning to the left and not moving forward.

Due to situations like this, Tesla has only made the new FSD feature available to some users. These users are free to show some videos of the feature in action.

This type of videos only shows us that Tesla is on a good path, however, it still has a long way to go. It shouldn’t be simple to give this type of functionality and intelligence to a car.

I’m seriously curious to know when the new feature will be released to the public. Although there are rough edges to file, the video shows how surprising the new feature of Tesla cars is.

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