Tesla: drivers complain that bumpers come off when passing through a puddle (video)

Tesla bumper puddle

Tesla may even have one of the most revolutionary electric cars on the planet, but they are not perfect cars. The most recent complaint to the Elon Musk company are drivers who are running out of the rear bumper when passing through a puddle.

When viewing the videos and photographs we can say that it is not exactly normal for this to happen. In fact, one of the drivers who encountered the problem stayed at the site watching dozens of cars go by to see if the problem existed in other vehicles.

Video shows how a Tesla car goes without the bumper

This is the rear camera of the Tesla car and we can see that, apparently, there is no hole or abnormality in the road for this to happen. Apparently, the water got into the bumper and couldn't handle the pressure.

Other customers are having the same problem

@elonmusk @Tesla – The bumper and hubcap on our Model 3 fell off due to rain. We called Tesla and they were unhelpful & said it was an “Act of God.” Others have reported this issue, it is a problem with the car … Are you guys going to own up to this and fix my car? pic.twitter.com/0a2ZswrL3X

– Rahul Nowlakha (@rnowlakha) May 8, 2019

Unfortunately this situation is not isolated and on Twitter we see identical complaints from other drivers indicating exactly the same situation. The car went through a puddle and runs out of bumpers.

Tesla is not responsible for the situation

The strangest thing is Tesla's response to the situation. Users have complained about the situation in the warranty and Tesla's response is that this situation is considerable an “act of nature” and that the warranty does not cover such a situation.

Tesla bumper puddle

One thing is certain, if the situation continues, Elon Musk will have to take action. For now it seems that only a small number of drivers are experiencing this problem. However, the number can easily increase now that some drivers have publicly exposed the situation.

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