Home Automobiles Tesla Cybertruck: Image Shows Autonomy That Exceeds Expectations

Tesla Cybertruck: Image Shows Autonomy That Exceeds Expectations

Tesla Cybertruck: Image Shows Autonomy That Exceeds Expectations

At the Tesla Cybertruck presentation, Elon Musk promised over 800 kilometers of autonomy for the most powerful version. However, in a photo shared on this pickup's Twitter page, we see an absurd value.

Cybertruck Autonomy

The shared image documents a range of 620 miles, representing about 997 kilometers. When Musk referred more than 800 kilometers, no one thought that this value was so high. We are talking about 1000 kilometers with a load.

We do not know which of the variants of Cybertruck is here, or whether the battery is fully charged. In any case, these are absurd values ​​and give us hope for a better future in electric cars.

The question now is whether these values ​​will be reproduced by drivers or if this was just a marketing ploy. Even if the last hypothesis is the answer, it will surely give results.

Tesla wants to revolutionize the autonomy of electric cars

In the past, Elon Musk has already left the track that the next Tesla Roadster could surpass 1000 kilometers of autonomy. If at the time these statements seemed very bold, today we no longer think the same way.

Tesla Cybertruck

If Cybertruck has a battery capable of delivering 997 kilometers of autonomy, we hope it can be replicated in other cars. Unless you make huge trips, a battery like this will make the fear of running out in the middle of a trip disappear.

Tesla Cybertruck is already being a hit

A week after the Tesla Cybertruck presentation, this pickup truck already had over 250,000 pre-reservations. A surprising value for a product that is both spectacular and controversial.

Cybertruck's design is extremely bold and one you like or hate. On the other hand, it has unusual resistance, which will prepare it for any challenge it may face.

Speaking of prices, the base model, with a range of 400 kilometers, will be around 35 thousand euros. Already the model with a range of 482 kilometers will be sold at around 45 thousand euros. Finally, we have the version that should represent the above model with values ​​of 65 thousand euros.

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