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Xiaomi is known for having a very wide range of products, including several Bluetooth headsets. However,...

LG Display invests over 3 billion euros in OLED displays

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Huawei P50: all models will arrive with totally different screens!

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Tesla categorically denies that its cars are experiencing sudden accelerations

After a petition was filed with NHTSA that Tesla cars were suddenly accelerating, the company has already come to disprove these claims. Elon Musk’s company is adamant that such accusations have no truth.

In the statement issued, Tesla says that these charges are false. In addition, the company says that those who are behind all this are short stock sellers.

Tesla makes sure its cars are working properly

In the statement issued today by Tesla, it is stated that the brand’s cars are “operating as designed”. That is, the cars accelerate and brake only when the respective pedal is pressed by the driver.

Tesla Model X
Model X crashed supposedly because of sudden acceleration

In all the cars that Tesla has analyzed, the vehicle data shows normal operation. Therefore, the accusations that the brand’s cars accelerate involuntarily are false.

Elon Musk’s company continues to state that both the accelerator and brake pedal have independent systems. Each of them records its own data, so if there were any anomalies that would be registered by the car’s system.

Drivers are complaining about sudden accelerations that end in accidents

A group of Tesla car drivers filed a petition against the brand with the US National Road Safety Administration. At issue are cases where vehicles suffer from an “unexpected sudden acceleration” that will have resulted in around 110 accidents.

There is a video (which you can see above) that shows a Tesla accelerating unexpectedly while the driver was parking. We have no way of proving whether this acceleration was involuntary or not, but Tesla denies any responsibility for what happened.

For Elon Musk, there are several short stock sellers who want to tarnish their company’s image. Funded by companies linked to the oil industry, the idea would be to lead Tesla to ruin.

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