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Latest Eny MXQ Pro TV Box Firmware Download Android Lollipop 5.1.1

This firmware is for Any MXQ Pro TV Box with AMLogic S905 CPU. Click here to download latest Android 5.1.1 firmware for Eny MXQ Pro...

StayAway Covid: application has been downloaded 1 million times on Android and iPhone

The "StayAway Covid" application has passed an important milestone by being installed by more than 1...

Twitter tests automatic tweet translation

Translate tweets in other languages Since that first app called Odeo, which served as the origin of Twitter, the microblogging platform has not stopped evolving...

Acer Iconia Tab 10 A3-A40: the full review 2020

Acer updates its Iconia Tab 10, its 10-inch tablet every year. After the models A3-A20, A3-A30, here is the A3-A40, sold for less than...

Tesla Autopilot: video shows trip (almost) totally done with autopilot!

Recently, Tesla started offering the first beta version of the true autonomous driving functionality (FSD), which gives real meaning to the popular Tesla Autopilot package. Now that a restricted group of users already have the opportunity to test the new functionality, the first videos start to appear, and they are impressive!

One of the most complete videos was published by the user James Locke, which published a 30-minute video showing his Tesla making a real commute between his wife’s work and the superchargers from Tesla.

Mode Full Self Driving Tesla’s is as impressive as it is scary

In this video, we can see countless situations where the Tesla FSD is truly impressive, managing to control the car perfectly. However, it is impossible not to try to put on the driver’s skin, and feel that this type of trip would always be done with one foot on the brake, for fear that something will go wrong at any time.

In several situations, the user took advantage of the car’s stopping moments to bring the camera closer to the navigation panel, where we can see in detail how the car recognizes all the elements that surround it. In addition to the great detail and speed in identifying and reproducing elements such as cars and people on the screen, the distance the Tesla can reach is also impressive, even with objects obstructing its field of view.

Another segment of the video that impresses us occurs at the 27th minute, where we see the car leave the highway for the national road. The transition is made perfectly and extremely smoothly, as if a person were controlling the car.

Tesla Autopilot is getting closer and closer to the main goal of Elon Musk

Elon Musk has long dreamed of the possibility of making an autonomous driving mode available to his users, having even revealed his desire to create a fleet of autonomous Taxis.

Although it is necessary to overcome numerous barriers until it obtains legal permissions for this mode to be used on the roads in all countries where Tesla is present, that moment is getting closer and closer.

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