Home Automobiles Tesla autopilot performs great even in fog (video)

Tesla autopilot performs great even in fog (video)

Tesla autopilot performs great even in fog (video)

One of the main attractions of Tesla cars is their autopilot functionality. But have you ever wondered how this system behaves in adverse weather conditions?

With that in mind, the driver of a Model 3 decided to take his car to the road on a day of heavy fog. As you would expect, your car's autopilot performed impeccably.

To get an idea of ​​how bad the conditions were, the driver said he couldn't see much more than 20 feet in front of him. This is something that we, when viewing this video, have no real perception because, as the driver says, the cameras have a wider range than the human eye.

Autopilot does not flinch even in thick fog

Having seen the video, we conclude that the Tesla autopilot behaves equally well in good or bad weather conditions. By the way, the driver of the car says, more than once, that he relies more on autopilot than himself in conditions like the ones we saw in the video.

But as Tesla points out, this technology should never completely replace the driver under any conditions. This is important to note so that you do not start thinking about dropping the wheel of the car whenever it is foggy on your travels.

The autopilot serves as a driving aid and you must be constantly supervised. This technology may see you better when it is foggy, but that is no excuse for a sleep while you are on the road.

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