Tesla continues to constantly improve its innovative Autopilot technology, even though controversy is always present, with many users not agreeing with many of its implementations. Now, the latest safety report published by Tesla presents impressive numbers for Autopilot.

According to published data, during the second quarter of this year an accident was recorded for every 4.53 million miles traveled by drivers with Autopilot active. There is no doubt that these are impressive numbers, proving that this is an extremely effective tool to aid driving.

Evolution of safety in the use of Autopilot shows extremely positive results

Over the past year, Tesla Autopilot has received numerous updates where numerous features have been implemented, as well as improving existing ones.

The hard work of the Tesla team is visible when we compare the results of the safety report for the second quarter of 2020 and 2019. Last year, an accident was recorded every 3.27 million miles, representing an increase of 1.26 million miles. within 12 months.

Still, it is important not to forget important details when comparing the results presented with the active Autopilot, only safety features and without any active technology.

Tesla Autopilot security

In the report, it was revealed that drivers without active Autopilot and with active safety features accounted for an accident for every 2.27 million miles. In turn, drivers without any active technology recorded an accident for every 1.56 million miles.

As the Electrek website highlights, it is important to take into account the situations in which the Autopilot can be used, motorway and expressway. These are the scenarios where it is easier to accumulate a large number of kilometers without the occurrence of accidents. On the other hand, driving in the city (where Autopilot does not work), is where it is more difficult to accumulate kilometers without the occurrence of accidents.

Comparison of the numbers reached by Tesla and “traditional cars”

In the publication made by Tesla, they took the opportunity to compare their results with those published by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The figures presented by both companies are only for the United States, but give us an idea of ​​the difference that may also exist in other countries.

While Tesla’s figures show an accident for every 1.56 million miles traveled without any driving assistance, NHTSA’s figures are very different. According to its most recent report, in the United States an accident is recorded for every 479 thousand miles traveled.

Although the sample of cars is much larger than that of Tesla cars, the fact that the difference is 3 times greater, is impossible to ignore.

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