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Tesla Autopilot is not the best driving support system

The Autopilot technology present in Tesla cars has been praised repeatedly for its functionality and above all for the prevention of some imminent accidents. However, there are those who believe that there is an even better system than this.

A new report prepared by Consumer Reports gives first place in this category to General Motors’ Super Cruise system. Incidentally, they claim that Autopilot was in a distant second place.

General Motors has better driving aids than Tesla

The tests carried out by Consumer Reports give victory to General Motors’ Super Cruise system, with a final score of 69 points. Tesla’s Autopilot was just behind, but with a final score of just 57 points.


What most motivated this differential has to do with how both systems validate the driver’s attention to the road. In this chapter, General Motors’ solution proves to be more effective, according to Consumer Reports.

The Super Cruise system uses an infrared camera to ensure that the driver has his eyes on the road. A more effective solution than that found by Tesla and its Autopilot, which is guided only by the touch of the driver on the steering wheel of the car.

Additionally, it was concluded that the Super Cruise alert system does a better job of notifying the driver that he is about to leave. In addition to a visual warning, this technology uses pre-mapping of the streets to alert the driver when he has to take control of the vehicle.

Still, not everything is a disadvantage of Tesla’s Autopilot over General Motors’ Super Cruise. It is mentioned that Tesla’s technology is much more intuitive for drivers.

In short, what can be drawn from this report is that driving support systems are far from replacing human beings in this task. Although they are a great help in many situations, they are far from being entirely viable.

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