Home Automobiles Tesla again offers unlimited charging at Supercharger stations

Tesla again offers unlimited charging at Supercharger stations

Tesla again offers unlimited charging at Supercharger stations

Tesla once again offered unlimited free charging at its Supercharger stations, which was once considered unsustainable by the company's CEO Elon Musk. Importantly, this offering is only available for Model S and Model X.

This was a program that was available for a few years after the release of both models, presenting itself as one of the greatest perks for those buying the most advanced Tesla models. However, it was eventually removed after it was deemed unsustainable.

Tesla Model X Model S free

Inconsistency in offers could hurt Tesla

With Tesla Model S and Model X sales growing dramatically, this perk quickly began to 'eat' the company's coffers, as it had to guarantee free charging for several thousand cars. Therefore, Elon Musk eventually announced the end of this offer, stating that they should have closed much earlier.

But its unsustainability appeared not to be that great, having been 'reactivated' in various situations over various periods. At some point, it even became available to users with Model 3.

There was yet another way for customers to access free uploads at Supercharger stations. For a while, it was possible through the affiliate program, which eventually stopped offering this option after some time.

Will the remaining Tesla X and Tesla S users have access to the 'new' perk?

Although the manufacturer has not officially revealed the return of this popular perk among Tesla customers, it can be seen that it is active through the ordering process for one of these models. Before finalizing the order, we can clearly see the reference to unlimited free shipping.

However, it is only confirmed for new purchases, which could pose a big problem for existing brand customers.

We will then have to wait for official statements from Tesla, or a simple Tweet by Elon Musk, to find out how it might affect current customers.

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