Tesla again deceives his fans. Model 3 “Made in China” is being sold in Europe!

Tesla Model 3 China

For the past few months, Tesla has regularly put itself in the spotlight, but it hasn’t been for the best reasons. After opening his Gigafactory in Shanghai, Elon Musk assured fans of the brand that this factory would be exclusively to meet the high demand for his cars in China, having no plans to export the cars to other regions.

However, it seems that these plans did not take long to undergo major changes. Rumors had already circulated in the past month that Tesla was planning to export its cars produced in China, which caused a negative reaction from its fans.

Tesla Model 3 China

Now, according to information published by the Green Drive website, French Tesla customers receive confirmation that the Tesla Model 3 purchased are models made in China. In addition to the various changes made to the Tesla Model 3 recently, it appears that this change in strategy may be another explanation for the delay in delivery times.

Tesla Model 3 made in China arrives with different components

Tesla recently confirmed that it switched to using LFP batteries (lithium iron phosphate) on the Model 3 produced at Shanghai’s Gigafactory, resulting in a considerable cut in its price and an increase in its autonomy. These are advantages that users in China are already enjoying, but it seems that the same will not happen in Europe.

On the Tesla website in France, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus continues to be sold at the same price (€ 46,600), maintaining an estimated range of 440km. In China, the same car is sold for roughly 39,000 euros and is presented with a range of 468km.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is possible that these are only temporary measures, until the Gigafactory in Berlin is completed and car production begins. However, it is still important to highlight the fact that Tesla has returned with its word again, bringing cars manufactured for the Chinese market, for its customers in Europe.

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