Home Automobiles Tesla accused of testing "Beta" versions of its cars with its users

Tesla accused of testing "Beta" versions of its cars with its users

Tesla accused of testing "Beta" versions of its cars with its users

Tesla has recently announced a feature for its cars that is making its mark. "Smart Summon" allows the driver to click on the button on his Tesla application and the car that is parked somewhere comes to him.

We have seen videos where this feature is working and although it impresses, we also get the notion that it is not the most perfect on the planet. This is certainly why Consumer Reports, a nonprofit consumer products and services reviewer in the United States, indicated that Tesla has released a beta feature to its users.

"Smart Summon" is far from perfect

Consumer Reports (CR) also reported that this feature only shows that autonomous driving is far from a reality. "CR's assessment of Tesla's highly anticipated appeal (Smart Summon) shows that there is still a long way to go for 'Total Self-Driving'

This is just the subtitle of a review of a feature that has been much criticized. They also pointed out that the service has so many defects that it looks more like Tesla decided to test it on its drivers to improve the feature.

The feature review also points out that when the car is moving autonomously to the driver who looks more like a "drunk or distracted driver".

Feature will surely be improved


One of the things Tesla does well is system upgrades. Unlike many cars on the road, Tesla cars also lack system upgrades to get better. Just like our smartphones.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this feature will improve over time. In my opinion, if CR was really right and Tesla used their customers to use a Beta feature, they would not miss a thing in opening the game with their users. Certainly millions of them would line up to be the first to test the new features of cars.

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