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TenX ICO: The company that wants to make Bitcoin usable in the real world.

TenX ICO: The company that wants to make Bitcoin usable in the real world.

Bitcoin is still a seven-headed beast for most of the population, but it was only a while ago that I decided to bet on cryptocurrencies, and although it has some considerable complexity at first, it's much simpler than it sounds.

One of the big problems Bitcoin faces right now is bringing its true value to the "real world". Although cryptocurrency is of considerable value compared to "normal" currencies, it is not an easy task to use this kind of currency on a daily basis.

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One of our goals will soon be trying to live with Bitcoin for two weeks. With a card cash machine Requested on the platform "Xapo", I intend to live for a while only and only cryptocurrencies.

But another company also intends to make this use simpler than it is right now. TenX ICO, a Singapore-based company, believes it will be able to respond by creating a VISA card that will allow users to make purchases and withdrawals in a normal manner.

TenX ICO wants to make Bitcoin payments easier

Any user can withdraw such a card, but can only spend $ 2000 a year until their identity is verified, after which you can spend the amounts you want.

TenX ICO currently deals with $ 100,000 per month in transactions, however, they believe that by the end of 2018 these figures could amount to $ 100 million.

"One of the goals we want to achieve is to create a way to trade cryotpmoedas through our App. If we can do that, we could be a new market that will bring huge profits."

It is too early to say whether or not they will be able to do so, your card will give you purchases in Euros, Dollars and Yen. I have to admit it's promising, we'll see if we can ever live on digital coins alone!

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