Tencent launches its WeGame game store worldwide!

Tencent launches its WeGame game store worldwide!

Tencent Gaming Platform has renamed its digital game store to prepare it for a global launch. The distributor calls it WeGame X and there is access worldwide.

WeGame already has over 200 million users but was only available in China. The servers of the new platform are located in Hong Kong.

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Tencent is a Chinese giant owning Riot Games with shares in Blizzard, Ubisoft and about 40% of Epic Games. Being a company with so much business, launching a digital store is a logical step.

Tencent WeGame X doesn't offer much for now

However, if Tencent wants to conquer the western gaming world, there is a lot of work ahead. For now, the site is in 'early acess' and there are only 17 titles available.

The games available are of independent origin such as Chinese Parents, My Time At Portia and other non-mainstream titles at all. There is, however, a tab called 'FAMOUS IP' for the most famous games.

In addition to the ability to buy games, WeGame X offers some features to drive the growth of a community.

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There are user reviews, the ability to store games in the cloud and an offline mode for some games. However, everything is at a preliminary stage where not everything is available.

It may not be the best of ideas to launch an unfinished platform for such a large market. Mainly with competition from Steam, GOG and countless other more successful stores.

WeGame is one of the most widely used platforms in China but to get revenge in other parts of the world, it needs to work hard. Its initial attraction is to bring names like Epic Games and Hello Games, holders of titles like Fortnite and No Man's Sky.

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