Home Android Telegram Update (5.10) gives us improvements and cool new features!

Telegram Update (5.10) gives us improvements and cool new features!

Telegram Update (5.10) gives us improvements and cool new features!

A new update has arrived for the Telegram application that gives us new features that are worth considering. Especially if you are not already using this application.

The new update (5.10) is becoming available worldwide and it is a matter of time before all users start to have the new update. update available. To do so, jump to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and confirm that you don't need to update it.


New Telegram update brings:

  • Silent messages; Group Admins and Slow Mode titles
  • Hold Send button and send mute messages, useful if the recipient is sleeping
  • Turns Slow Mode on Group Permissions and controls how often members can post
  • Set custom titles for admins
  • Tap the paperclip icon and open the new media selector
  • Turns the animated sticker loop on or off
  • View thumbnails when swiping in video playback
  • Send animated emojis

Silent messages are a funny asset

Silent messages are one more feature that only Telegram remembered. If you sometimes need to send a message but don't want to disturb the person on the other side you can always send a silent message.

Especially interesting for those who cannot sleep and decide to send messages at so many at night declaring their love. Or when you know that the person on the other side is in a meeting and you want to make sure you don't forget to send the message but you don't want to bother.

Slow mode is another important feature for groups.

We all have that group member who is too active (usually me). Well, administrators can now restrict that user's message volume. It can prevent the user from sending messages at intervals starting at 30 seconds and ending at 1 hour.

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