Apple has again had a complaint about anti-competition practices. This time, the complainant is Telegram, who joined Spotify to combat the high fees charged by Apple, on the App Store. In case you don’t know, Apple charges programmers 30% of the revenue to have the app in the app store.

The so-called “apple fee” has been a recurring complaint in the various companies that offer services on smartphones. In addition to Telegram and Spotify, Netflix has also voiced its dissatisfaction against Apple.

The problem is not just Apple’s fee. The complaining companies also claim that Apple has an unfair monopoly on the App Store, choosing to promote its own apps rather than the competition, although they are far more popular. One of the cases is Apple Music and Spotify, which has a lot more paid subscribers.

There are also complaints of updates for competing apps being deliberately delayed, as well as the Apple Store having an environment hostile to user privacy.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram

Telegram founder warns users about trust in iPhones

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, made a publication in which he listed several reasons why iPhone users should be concerned about the company’s behavior. The reasons mentioned above are part of the list, as well as lack of transparency in the treatment of data.

Durov criticized Apple’s ecosystem, saying it holds users more than it grants freedoms. “Imagine that Telegram or TikTok only exist on Android and you will understand why avoiding Apple is impossible”.

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