Tekken Season 2 Pass 7 – Lei Wulong, Anna and … The Walking Dead ?!

Tekken Season 2 Pass 7 - Lei Wulong, Anna and ... The Walking Dead ?!

Tekken 7Who here still remembers the review made to Tekken 7 a few days ago? After suspecting that another season pass could be released with the classic characters missing.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada took to the main stage at this year's EVO after the Tekken tournament ended, revealing … a new season pass.

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Before giving an opinion, Tekken 7 will receive a second season pass. This will include six new characters, including classic wrestlers Anna Williams and the much sought after Lei Wulong. Both have new designswhere, although I think Anna's is in agreement with what we are used to, the same cannot be said of Lei.

What happened to Lei in Tekken 7? University coat? Because?

The strangest news here, however, is that Negan from The Walking Dead series joins the personagena roster. Wow, for this one did not expect. I give credit to this initiative, but to me it spoiled everything with the new design by Lei Wulong.

Not to be all negative; The second season trailer shows the new gameplay mechanics that will come to Tekken 7. It's a kind of rebound on the wall that “kicks” opponents back into attacking range. New moves for existing characters also seem to be added.

The second season of Tekken 7 is coming. However, in my view, it is pure scummy practice. Once again I reiterate: Why didn't the classic characters that will be added to Tekken 7 (these and others, I assure you…) come on release day?

Three years of Harada-san development? There is no justification! One more series to list…

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Article by Bruno Santos

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